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Jewish music for the end of Chanukah

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  • Gili Houpt
    Dear friends, Even though Chanukah is drawing to an end, we still continue to celebrate, and even on a higher level than before. See the bottom for some words
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2002
      Dear friends,

      Even though Chanukah is drawing to an end, we still continue
      to celebrate, and even on a higher level than before. See the
      bottom for some words about elevating holiness. And check some of
      this great music:

      Tonight, Thursday, Dec 5, the seventh night of Chanukah, at
      9pm I'll be playing a short set of Chanukah tunes at the Vorhand
      Shteeble, a really heimish little shul on 303 W91 St between West
      End and Riverside.

      Also Dec 5 at 8:30pm a klezmer concert with the Columbia
      Klezmer Band, at the Kraft Center for Jewish Life (Columbia Hillel),
      606 W 115th St, between Broadway and Riverside. Free admission!
      For more information, Contact klezmer@... and see

      Also Dec 5 at 7:30PM, Chanukah Chagiga at the Old Broadway
      Synagogue, 15 Old Broadway (one half block east of Broadway, between
      125th and 126th streets). Dancing, Latkes, and the music of
      accordionist Aron Girshman. Contribution: $10. More info: call 212-

      Also Dec 5 at 9:30pm Neshama Carlebach performing at Makor,
      35 West 67th St. This performance includes original English
      compositions, as well as her late father Shlomo's Hebrew
      Price: $12. For more info: 212-601-1000 or
      http://www.neshamacarlebach.com !NOTE: Kol Isha may be applicable
      here; consult your local Rabbinic authority!

      Also Dec 5 at 8pm - Midnight, Downtown Chanukah Party at
      Bowery Poetry Club Bar, 310 Bowery (bet. Houston & Bleeker).
      Features Mini Film Fest: Cinepoetry new-chassidic-art-films,
      meditative candle lighting with Mindy Ribner, poetry reading from
      Mima'amakim Magazine, and live music with Joe Bernstein,
      singer/songwriter. Cost: $15 at door, or $12 RSVP by Dec 1 by
      contacting Elyakeem at 917-822-0117 or cubits@...

      Friday, Dec 6 at 4:30pm, the eighth night of Chanukah, I'll
      be leading the davening with lots of singing at the Carlebach Shul,
      305 W79 St. And in a crazy switch, Rabbi Moshe Stepansky from the
      Carlebach Shul will be leading the davening at Congregation Ramat
      Orah, 550 W110 St. And on the East Side, at 6:30pm, Shmuel
      Bodenheimer will be leading the service for beginners at Manhattan
      Jewish Experience, 5th Ave Synagogue, 5 E62 St. Wherever you go, it
      will be the highest -- Shabbos and Chanukah together -- as Shlomo
      Carlebach would say, gevalt!!!

      Also Dec 6 Neshama Carlebach will be leading Kabbalat
      Shabbat and Maariv for women only, at The Jewish Center, 131 W86th
      St, b'w Amsterdam and Columbus. For more info and time of service,
      call 212-724-2700, and see http://www.neshamacarlebach.com

      Also Dec 6, the second in a series of monthly Carlebach
      Shabbatons in Monsey: Ben Zion Solomon (founding member of Diaspora
      Yeshiva band) and his son Noah (Soulfarm) will be leading a
      Carlebach Shabbos in Wesley Hills. Davening start 4:20 PM Friday
      night, and 9am Shabbos morning at L'Chaim Manor, 455 Route 306, in
      the Wesley Kosher Shopping Center. There will be a concert after
      Shabbos at 8:00 PM. Admission to Shabbos davening is free, concert
      is $18 adults and $12 students. For accommodations or more info,
      contact David at 914-419-1277 or OnegShabbat@...

      Saturday, December 7, at 4:20pm I'll be leading the
      Isralight shalesheudos (third meal) at the home of Eric Gross, 840
      West End Avenue #4B. There will be food, words of Torah, and of
      course some incredible singing (it's always the highest just when
      Shabbos is ending). At 5:15pm we'll finish with a musical havdallah
      service. All are welcome, and no need to reserve in advance. For
      more info send me an email (just reply to this message) or see

      Saturday night Dec 7 at 7:30pm, Chanukah's over but let's
      keep celebrating: WSIS presents Chanukastock! At WSIS, 120 W76 St.
      Features Avner Levy, Nakama Orchestra (for the first time in
      America), Pey Dalid, Takaseem and others. Tickets start at $18:
      call 917-743-2952 or get $15 tickets at http://www.peydalid.com

      Also Dec 7 at 11pm, Rav Shmuel (Skaist, formerly of the
      Bartlebees, and before that the band Gefilte Fish) is playing at
      Sidewalk Cafe, corner of Ave A & 6th St. in the East Village. Also
      appearing special guests. More info: ravshmuel@...

      Also Dec 7 at 7:30pm, Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock in
      Concert at Colden Center/Queens College. More info: call 718-263-
      0498 or see http://www.shlockrock.com

      Also Dec 7 concert in Brooklyn with Dedi, Yeedle, Yehuda and
      the Neginah Orchestra, at Lincoln High School, 2800 Ocean Parkway.
      For info call: 718-854-6902

      Also Dec 7 at 8pm, Neshama Carlebach at The Bellmore Jewish
      Center, 2550 Centre Ave, in Bellmore, out on Long Island. For more
      info, call 516-781-3072 or see http://www.neshamacarlebach.com !
      NOTE: Kol Isha may be applicable here; consult your local Rabbinic

      Also Dec 7 at 8pm, Sephardic House presents Tim Sparks and
      his quartet playing "At the Rebbe's Table" at the Center for Jewish
      History, 15 W16th St. Their songs contain allusions to Greek,
      Persian, Spanish, and Arab music, including strains of flamenco that
      bring Jewish music full circle. Tickets: $25. More info: call 212-
      294-6170 or see http://www.sephardichouse.com

      Also Dec 7 at 11pm Jon Madof's Rashanim at The Knitting
      Factory, 74 Leonard Street (between Broadway and Church). The
      Village Voice calls Rashanim, "fun and upbeat klezmer band playing
      originals and re-worked klezmer standards with strong Middle Eastern
      and avant-jazz touches." Cost: $7. More info: call 212-219-3006 or
      see http://www.jonmadof.com and http://www.knittingfactory.com

      Sunday, December 8, 7pm-midnight, "Zachor! Remember the
      Past, Trust the Future," a benefit for Ben Blutstein & Marla Bennett
      Memorial Scholarship Funds at Pardes, celebrating the lives of two
      victims of the Hebrew University bombing. Featuring Hasidic New
      Wave and Pharaoh's Daughter, and also Yakar Rhythms (Sabar drum
      ensemble from Senegal). At the Knitting Factory, 72 Leonard St.
      Cost: $20. Contact: 212-219-3006 and
      http://www.knittingfactory.com !NOTE: Kol Isha may be applicable
      here; consult your local Rabbinic authority!

      Also Dec 8, at 2pm, benefit concert for Magen David Adom at
      Town Hall, 123 W43 St. Featuring Yehoram Gaon, Cantor Benjamin
      Muller, Aaron Ben Soussan, Mathew Lazar, Andy Statman and Avraham
      Fried. More info call 800-803-1305 or see

      Also Dec 8, at 5:30pm, Gerard Edery at the American Jewish
      Historical Society at the Center for Jewish History, 15 W16th St.
      $8; $4 students. For more info, call 917-606-8200

      Also Dec 8, at 4pm Shirona, critically acclaimed Jewish
      singer and songwriter, performing for charity: all ticket sales go
      to victims of terror in Israel. Also appearing: concert pianist
      Sergey Krivonos and The New Jersey Concert Band Musicians. Tickets:
      $25, Students: $18, at the door or call for reservations: 201-797-
      3434. At One Pike Drive in Wayne, NJ (directions: 973-942-5000).
      More info: israelrus@... !NOTE: Kol Isha may be applicable
      here; consult your local Rabbinic authority!

      Monday Dec 9 at 8pm Andy Statman Trio playing the weekly
      Jewish bluegrass at the Greenwich Village Synagogue, 53 Charles St
      near W4 St. Suggested donation: $10 (includes refreshments). For
      more info call the shul at 212-242-6425 or see

      Wednesday December 11, 8-10pm, Gideon Sword, a new Jewish
      heavy metal band, performing at The Playhouse, 94 Main Street in
      Nyack, NY (half hour from the city). Admission: $8 at the door.
      More info: 845-358-9494 and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gideonsword

      Thursday, Dec 12 at 11pm Jon Madof's Rashanim at The
      Knitting Factory again (same info as Saturday's show above)

      Saturday, Dec 14 at 8:45 pm kumsitz with Rabbi Yehuda Green
      at the Carlebach Shul, 305 W79 St. Cost: $10. For info call 212-721-
      SHUL or see http://carlebachshul.org

      When Chanukah first began over two thousand years ago, the
      rabbis were trying to decide whether to light 8 candles the first
      night, 7 the second night, down to 1 on the last night, or to start
      with 1 on the first night and work up to 8. Today, we follow the
      second opinion (Beis Hillel) because we follow the general rule of
      elevating in holiness rather than decreasing, so we increase the
      number of candles rather than taking away. What many people don't
      realize is that it's not the candles that are getting holier every
      night, but rather it is we who are growing spiritually each
      successive night of Chanukah, so we need an extra candle to
      symbolize our religious growth. May we all be blessed to realize
      higher levels of holiness every day.

      Have a great Shabbos/Chanukah!!!

      Gili Houpt
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