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Jewish Music from North Carolina

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  • gilhoupt
    Dear friends, I just spent a beautiful Rosh Hashana in Charlotte, NC, as I was asked to help out as the Chazzan for the High Holidays. This is an amazing,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2002
      Dear friends,

      I just spent a beautiful Rosh Hashana in Charlotte, NC, as I
      was asked to help out as the Chazzan for the High Holidays. This is
      an amazing, dynamic Jewish community, and one of the fastest-growing
      in the country. And of course I enjoyed the Southern hospitality!
      But I'm coming back to NY for the week before returning for Yom

      Mon-Wed, September 9-11 the Brave New World Festival at Town
      Hall, an event reflecting responses of the artistic community to the
      events of September 11. Among many other acts, Geoffrey Menin will
      be performing a vocal/piano song entitled "Prayer." Tickets start
      at $100 available from Ticketmaster or call 212-414-2993 or see

      Tuesday, 9/10 at 8pm Atzilut performs "A Concert for Peace"
      at Makor, 35 W67 St. This band bridges cultural boundaries by
      combining Arab and Jewish musicians, blending virtuoso cantorial
      vocals with lightning percussion and hypnotic melodies. Price: $15
      For more info call 212-601-1000 or see http://makor.org

      Wednesday, 9/11 at 7:30 PM the weekly Isralight program is
      moved from Tuesday (this week only) to allow for a special
      commemoration of last year's events. Rav Binny Freedman will be
      speaking about "Tackling Terror: A Jewish Response to 9/11" plus a
      memorial service and kumsitz. Donation: $5 (light refreshments will
      be served). Program will continue until 2AM. At WSIS, 120 W76 St,
      between Amsterdam & Columbus. For more info reply to this email or
      see http://isralight.org

      Also 9/11 at 7:30pm tribute concert, featuring various
      musicians, including Greg Wall from Hasidic New Wave, and Samuel
      Thomas from Jewish Awareness Through Music. At Makor, 35 W67 St.
      Free; reservations required. For more info call 718-622-5679 or see

      Thursday, September 12 Makor is starting a new component to
      their exciting 'Carlebach Project', featuring Neshama Carlebach,
      Seth Glass, C. Lanzbom, David Gedzelman and others. This year's
      theme: High Holiday liturgy, putting the Machzor to music in new
      ways. For more info call Makor at 212-601-1000 or see

      Friday, September 13 at 7PM Neshama Carlebach will be
      leading a special Kabbalat Shabbat prayer service for Women Only,
      with lots of singing of her father's tunes. At Congregation Ohab
      Zedek, 118 W95 St between Columbus and Amsterdam. For more info
      call the shul at 212-749-5150 or see http://www.neshamacarlebach.com

      Saturday, 9/14 is Shabbos Shuva (the Sabbath of Return,
      right before Yom Kippur) and I will be leading a special Isralight
      oneg shabbat with lots of singing, sometime in the afternoon. Stay
      tuned for time and location (let me know if you want to volunteer
      your apartment on the Upper West Side)

      This week from Rosh Hashana until Yom Kippur is known as
      aseres yemai teshuva, the Ten Days of Return, since this is the time
      when the All Merciful is closest and most available to us. Of
      course Hashem is accessible all year round, but during this time
      period, we can be specially tuned to our potential for self-
      improvement. I bless you all that you find the inner strength to
      return to the true nature of your soul.

      Have a happy and sweet new year, and gmar chasima tova: may
      the final signing of your judgement be for good!

      Gili Houpt
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