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Jewish Music from Oklahoma City

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  • gilhoupt
    Dear friends, I m on vacation out west right now, in the capitol of Oklahoma, with a million people but only a few thousand Jews (and only a couple of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2002
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      Dear friends,

      I'm on vacation out west right now, in the capitol of
      Oklahoma, with a million people but only a few thousand Jews (and
      only a couple of observant families) which made for a very
      interesting Shabbat. Needless to say, people are very friendly here
      but it's not the vibrant Jewish community of NY, and thanks to the
      wonders of the internet even though I'll be missing out I can still
      send the Jewish music update for y'all back east:

      Thursday 7/18 is Tisha B'av, and the annual prayer service
      at the Isaiah Peace Wall takes on special significance this year.
      Join Rabbi Avi Weiss for a meaningful, song-filled traditional
      afternoon service (including Torah reading) at 2pm opposite the UN
      (1st Ave & 43 St). For more info, call 212-663-5784

      Also 7/18 my friend Alon Krausz of the Jewish Outdoors Club
      is looking to organize an outdoor kumsitz to end Tisha B'av on a
      spiritual high, singing together at some scenic viewpoint, perhaps
      in Central Park. If anybody can help lead the singing at this
      event, or for more info, contact Alon at vze26jpw@... or 718-
      601-2128 or see the JOC website: http://www.jewishoutdoorsclub.com

      July 19-21 celebrate Shabbos Nachamu with Rav Binny Freedman
      at the Rye Town Hilton in Westchester. Come and learn all weekend
      long, enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities, and listen to the
      songs and stories of Rav Binny. Rates start at $329. For more
      info, call Lasko Tours at 800-532-9119 or see

      Also July 19-21 The Meaningful Life Center presents their
      annual Shabbos Nachamu camping shabbaton, this year at Lebanon State
      Forest (New Lisbon, NJ) with Rabbi Simon Jacobson and special guests
      for a Shabbat celebration under the stars and a concert Saturday
      night. Cost: $220. For details call Yael at 718-774-6448 or see

      July 21-25 is The Thirteenth Annual North American Jewish
      Choral Festival at the Nevele Grande Hotel in Ellenville, New York.
      Join hundreds of Jewish choral music lovers who will raise their
      voices in song in a unique program of choral music. For info call
      212-362-3335 or see the website:
      http://www.zamirfdn.org/festival.htm NOTE: Kol Isha may be
      applicable here; consult your local Rabbinic authority

      Sunday, 7/21 Yidcore, the only Australian Jewish punk band
      is on tour here for the summer, playing at the JCC on the Palisades
      in Tenafly, NJ. These guys are awesome -- check out the article I
      wrote on them in this month's Blueprint, and see their website:
      http://www.yidcore.com !Warning: may not be suitable for young
      children. Use your own discretion!

      Monday 7/22 at 10pm the Moshav Band performs at The Bitter
      End, 147 Bleeker St. Cost: $10 cover. Must be 18 or over.

      Tuesday, 7/23 Skyland (C Lanzbom of Soulfarm and David Sky
      of the Moshav Band) at The Bitter End, 147 Bleeker St. You can
      check out their music at http://www.soulfarm.net

      Wednesday, 7/24 at 6:30pm Ira Heller performs at the Queens
      Concert Series Cunningham Park. For more info, see

      Thursday, 7/25 at 8:30pm Soulfarm plays at The Triad Lounge,
      158 W72 St (Between Broadway and Columbus). For more info see

      I just got back from visiting the memorial to the Oklahoma
      City office building that was bombed back in 1995. Living in NY, we
      may already be desensitized by the media sensationalizing of the
      World Trade Center, but we have to remember that so many innocent
      people were killed for nothing more than wanting to live in the
      freedom this country has to offer. If you felt the opinions I
      expressed at the bottom of last week's email to be too un-American,
      please let me clarify: when I spoke out against the dangers of
      assimilation, I did not mean to imply that there is nothing good
      that this country has given to us Jews. Certainly we have benefited
      as much as any group by the ability to shape our nation's government
      and freely express our disagreement with its policies. But American
      society can also have a negative effect on our spiritual well-being,
      and we have to guard against the more materialistic elements of
      secular culture from eroding our religious beliefs and practices.
      We must be grateful that the US wants to root out terrorism, both at
      home and abroad, to prevent a recurrence of what happened in
      Oklahoma City and NYC, and at the same time we have to remember our
      Jewish values as distinct from the rest of the country and
      understand that our role in fighting evil is in showing the world by
      example how to lead moral and ethical lives.

      I pray that the fasting and mourning we do this Tisha B'av
      bring about repentance individually, nationally and globally, and
      next year may we all be celebrating peacefully in a rebuilt Jerusalem

      Gili Houpt
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