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Three Weeks without Music

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  • gilhoupt
    Dear friends, We are in the midst of the period in the Jewish calendar known as The Three Weeks, during which we mourn the destruction that befell the Jewish
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2002
      Dear friends,

      We are in the midst of the period in the Jewish calendar
      known as The Three Weeks, during which we mourn the destruction that
      befell the Jewish people throughout history. There is a tradition
      to refrain from attending live music concerts, so I won't be listing
      any music events until after Tisha B'av. For a list of some of the
      other customs see

      I'm spending this weekend at Edenfest, an incredible
      retreat -- "A taste of Paradise in the Poconos" -- and I'll be
      leading the singing all Shabbos long! My next retreat will be with
      Isralight over Labour Day Weekend (8/28) -- don't waste too much
      time to register. Check it out online:

      Thursday 7/18 is Tisha B'av, and the annual prayer service
      at the Isaiah Peace Wall takes on special significance this year.
      Join Rabbi Avi Weiss for a meaningful, song-filled traditional
      afternoon service (including Torah reading) at 2pm opposite the UN
      (1st Ave & 43 St). For more info, call 212-663-5784

      Also 7/18 my friend Alon Krausz of the Jewish Outdoors Club
      is looking to organize an outdoor kumsitz to end Tisha B'av on a
      spiritual high, singing together at some scenic viewpoint, perhaps
      in Central Park. If anybody can help lead the singing at this
      event, or for more info, contact Alon at vze26jpw@... or 718-
      601-2128 or see the JOC website: http://www.jewishoutdoorsclub.com

      July 19-21 The Meaningful Life Center presents their annual
      Shabbos Nachamu camping shabbaton, this year at Lebanon State Forest
      (New Lisbon, NJ) with Rabbi Simon Jacobson and special guests for a
      Shabbat celebration under the stars and a concert Saturday night.
      Cost: $220. For details call Yael at 718-774-6448 or see

      July 21-25 is The Thirteenth Annual North American Jewish
      Choral Festival at the Nevele Grande Hotel in Ellenville, New York.
      Join hundreds of Jewish choral music lovers who will raise their
      voices in song in a unique program of choral music. For info call
      212-362-3335 or see the website:
      http://www.zamirfdn.org/festival.htm NOTE: Kol Isha may be
      applicable here; consult your local Rabbinic authority

      August 4-18 Pey Dalid is leading a Birthright trip to Israel
      (free for ages 21-26) with Livnot U'Lehibanot. An incredible trip
      just got better, with the awesome music of this incredible band.
      For more info call Shepsel Pesach Lew of the Jewish Educational
      Network at 800-678-1300 or see http://www.peydalid.com

      While the rest of the country is celebrating July 4, I
      reflect on what this day means to Jewish people. Of course the
      freedom and democracy of America have been good to the Jews, but the
      fact that this year's Independence Day coincides with the Three
      Weeks of Mourning got me thinking about where we really belong.
      Undoubtedly our wealth and political power have enabled us to help
      our brethren in Israel and around the world, but at what cost?
      Intermarriage rates are at an all-time high, and the secular values
      that we assimilate are often antithetical to our beliefs. The
      capitalist economic system may be good for prosperity, but the
      accompanying materialistic drive is eating away at our souls. We
      need to live in a land that nurtures us spiritually and constantly
      reminds us why we're here. So while everyone else is singing the
      Star-Spangled Banner and watching the fireworks, my thoughts are on
      Israel, the true Home of the Brave, where Jews have to live their
      lives under gunfire. We have been mourning for 2000 years and
      praying that Israel will once again be a land of the free, not
      American freedom that enslaves us with the false promises of
      physical desire, but true spiritual freedom that encourages us to
      fulfill our divine purpose.

      May we speedily see complete peace that fills the entire

      Gili Houpt
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