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Jewish Music for Tu b'Av

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  • Gili Houpt
    This weekend is called Shabbos Nachamu, which means consolation, from the prophet Isaiah whose words we read in the haftorah this Shabbos, a very timely
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2001
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      This weekend is called Shabbos Nachamu, which means
      consolation, from the prophet Isaiah whose words we read in the
      haftorah this Shabbos, a very timely message right after the
      destruction of Tisha b'Av, that G-d tells his nation that the day
      will soon arrive when our sins will be forgiven and Redemption will
      arrive. In contrast with the mourning of the last few weeks, this is
      a happy time, and there are many great music events to celebrate.
      This Shabbos is also Tu b'Av, a day that reminds us of the unity of
      the Jewish people, and in ancient times they would celebrate by
      dancing in the fields and couples would get engaged. Even if you
      don't go that far, make sure you enjoy some of the music:

      Tonight, Thursday August 2 at 7:30 PM, Pharaoh's Daughter
      will be performing a benefit for the Carlebach Shul in honour of the
      upcoming holiday of Tu b'Av. This band has got original songs with
      great lyrics, an incredible sound, and the most eclectic list of
      instruments you'll find in Jewish music! The concert is at the West
      Side Institutional Synagogue, 120 W76 St. Admission (includes
      refreshments) is $15 in advance; $20 at the door. For more info and
      tickets, call 212-580-2391 and check out
      http://www.pharaohsdaughter.com !PLEASE NOTE: the issue of Kol Isha
      may be applicable -- consult your local Rabbinic authority!

      Also Tonight 8/2 at 6PM there will be a "pre-Tu b'Av Lubav K-
      bab" at Chabad on the Upper West Side, 101 W92 St (on Columbus Ave.)
      There will be beer, bbq, and of course music. Admission: $15
      includes food. For more info, call Chabad at 212-864-5010

      Shabbos Nachamu August 3-4: Retreat to Upstate NY with Rabbi
      Eliezer Garner and his wife, the Rockin' Rebbetzin Michele. Their
      annual Carlebach Style Shabbos is at the Golden Acres Farm and Ranch
      in Gilboa, with lots of singing in davening and a fabulous campfire
      kumsitz with Rabbi Garner Saturday night. For more info, call 1-800-
      252-7787 or e-mail info@... The Garners have a weekly
      radio show Friday mornings; check it out on 88.9 FM or

      Also this weekend: August 4-5 is the annual Meaningful Life
      camping weekend in Upstate NY on Shabbos Nachamu with Rabbi Simon
      Jacobson, together for the first time ever with his renowned brother
      Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak. I attended this shabbaton for the past two
      years, and it's really an amazing weekend, with lots of singing all
      Shabbos long and a concert Saturday night (I don't know who's on the
      bill this year, but I unfourtunately won't be able to make it in from
      Israel to perform). There's also rafting, canoeing, fishing, hiking,
      etc. on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. For more info, contact
      Reuven Medalie at 718-774-6448 or wisdomreb@... or see

      Saturday night August 4 at 10:15 PM, the band Chopped Liver
      is playing a benefit to raise money for a school in Israel. The
      concert is at the Washington Heights Congregation, aka the Bridge
      Shul, 815 W179 St @ Pinehurst Ave. Admission: $8 (includes
      refreshments). For more info, contact the band at 212-928-0802 or

      Also 8/4 at 10PM there is a free concert featuring the best
      of Carlebach music with Yitzchak Halevi Band and Pey Dalid at the JCC-
      Y in Monsey, NY. Take Palisades Parkway to exit 11, make first left,
      and make a right at the light on to route 45, and the JCC-Y is on the
      right hand side, #900. For more information, contact Rocky Ziegler
      at 845-426-6887 or rockyhorrors@... and check out

      Also 8/4 at 10:30 PM there is a concert at Monticello
      Raceway, NY featuring Avraham Fried, Shloime Dachs, and more.
      Tickets range from $20 to $250 and can be purchased at many Jewish
      stores or call 212-560-7125 and see http://www.MosesAaron.org

      Also 8/4 AT 10:30 PM, Ira Heller is playing at Woodlake
      Village in the Catskills of Upstate NY. For more info, call 800-779-
      3323 or see http://www.iraheller.com/

      Sunday, August 5 there was supposed to be a kumsitz in
      Central Park, but I couldn't find anyone to commit to being there. I
      would come, but I'm about 7,000 miles away! But I think there will
      be one next week 8/12 if I can get confirmations from people to
      play. Stay tuned to next week's mailing for more info. And please
      email me if you feel comfortable leading a kumsitz.

      Sunday, August 5 at 6PM there is a Musical Barbeque featuring
      Oneg Shames & Friends at "The Bach" - Congregation Bachurei Chemed,
      210 Edwards Blvd, Long Beach, with special guest speaker: Hanoch
      Teller, World-Renowned Storyteller. Don't miss the fabulous music,
      great food, & terrific stories. Donations will go toward
      future "Bach" Youth Programming. Directions can be obtained from

      Also 8/5 at 9:30 PM, Reality Shock is performing at The
      Bitter End, 147 Bleecker Street (between Thompson and LaGuardia).
      The club can be reached at 212-673-7030 or http://bitterend.com and
      see the band's website at http://members.dencity.com/Isser/RS.html

      Thursday August 9 at 7PM, Neshama Carlebach is having a CD
      release party at Makor, 25 W67 St. Admission: $12 cover plus two
      drink minimum. Neshama plays both new songs and her father
      Shlomo's classics. For more info, call Makor at 212-601-1000 or
      http://www.makor.org and http://www.neshamacarlebach.com !PLEASE
      NOTE: the issue of Kol Isha may be applicable -- consult your local
      Rabbinic authority!

      Sunday, August 12 Noon-5PM is the Newburgh, New York Music
      Festival, featuring Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's most spirited and soul-
      infused melodies, by Rabbi Baruch Melman, Oneg Shames, Michael
      Poulad, and many more. Admission: only $5! For more info call 845-

      Looking ahead: Isralight has an incredible Spiritual Retreat
      for six days from August 28 through Labour Day Weekend. It's an
      educational program like no other: Isralight believes in a holistic
      Jewish experience, through text-based learning, fun activities,
      social interaction, and of course lots of music. I'll be coming back
      from Israel just in time to come and lead a kumsitz around the
      campfire every night. Hope you can make it! For more info, email me
      (just reply to this message) or contact Isralight toll-free at 877-
      LIGHT-FL or see http://www.isralight.org

      I hope you're all having a good summer in New York, but
      you've got to come to Israel -- it's so incredible here! I just
      returned from playing a beautiful concert in the Judean Hills with
      Chaim David, under the full desert moon. The Jewish music in the US
      doesn't even begin to compare to what's going on here in the Holy
      Land! But I'll be returning in a few weeks and hopefully I'll bring
      back some of the special feeling to share with all of you. Have an
      incredible Shabbos!

      Gili Houpt
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