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Jewish Music for Lag Baomer

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  • yjuskowicz
    Dear friends, ... The Gili Houpt Ensemble will be performing at Congregation Heichal Moshe (R. Vorhand s Shul) 303 West 91st St. There will be food, live
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2010
      Dear friends,
      This Motzai Shabbat is Lag Baomer, a very special and important day for the Jewish People. It is the day Rabbi Akiva's students dtopped dying from a mysterious plague, as well the the last day of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai's life, a day when legend has it, he received his greatest Kabbalistic teachings. There are many musical happenings occurring to commemorate this great festive occasion:

      ----Motzai Shabbos May 1st

      The Gili Houpt Ensemble will be performing at Congregation Heichal Moshe (R. Vorhand's Shul) 303 West 91st St. There
      will be food, live music, dancing, plenty of l'chaims, guest speakers, and the only הדלקה on the West Side.
      To Sponsor (or partially sponsor) this event please contact Rabbi Vorhand Shlita or email rebgili@...

      Lag Baomer Hillula with Eitan Katz, Nochi Krohn, and Avi Feinberg, along with the fiery Torah of Rav Moshe Weinberger at the Young Israel of Lawrence/Cedarhurst beginning at 9:45 PM. Suggested donation $10. Separate seating for this event

      Zichron Shlomo presents the 10th. Annual Lag Baomer bonfire at Willow Tree Park, Wesley Hills, NY. (Monsey) Bring a chair or blanket and snacks and marshmallows. Great music by Yaakov Chesed. May 2, 2010 5:00-10:00 PM. Rain or Shine. Free

      Saturday Night, May 1 at 9:00 pm- till late into the night
      At 232 Bergen St, Between Bond and Nevins Brooklyn, NY
      Join Rabbi Dov Ber Pinson around the bonfire and discover a world of secrets as Rav DovBer reveals to us the mystical and magical teachings of the Zohar. Barbeque, Music, Refreshments and Drinks!
      Bring an instrument if you play, and join the IYYUN jamming!
      no reservations necessary, please feel welcome to bring friends
      $10 cover
      For more information you can email: contact@...

      ----Sunday May 2nd
      The Carlebach Shul is the place for music and on Lag Ba'Omer the Carlebach shul is going all out with "The New Chassidic Music Festival" featuring: Eli Schwebel, Sam Glazer, Stephanie Kurtzman (violinist), White Shabbos, Yoely Lebowitz "The Pester Rebbe", Moshiach Oi, Eli Beer,Chatzkel L'Koved Shabbos, Underground Chazan, Shloimie Reich, (additional performers to be announced) Make your reservations for this great event at the Carlebach Shul website.
      Noon- 10PM
      Please reserve at http://carlebachshul.org/UpSchedule/Events.htm
      Carlebach Shul - 305 W.79th St. (Between West End Ave. and Riverside Dr.)

      Wishing everyone a good shabbos and a beautiful and meaningful Lag Baomer. Sincerely, Yisroel
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