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Jewish Music for Purim

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  • yjuskowicz
    Dear friends, I hope all is well with everyone. Purim is almost here! It is such a joyful time when everyone can enjoy in the festival of Purim which
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2009
      Dear friends,
      I hope all is well with everyone. Purim is almost here! It is such a
      joyful time when everyone can enjoy in the festival of Purim which
      celebrates the miracle of redemption at the time of Esther. Please
      read the words of Torah at the end of this email. A lot is going on in
      the next week, especially two groups coming from Israel: namely Yosef
      Karduner and Acharit Hayamim. Acharit Hayamim is a very joyous group
      which is becoming more popular in Israel and America. I apologize in
      advance if I leave out any concerts, I have been really busy lately as
      I am working on my own CD. Thanks to all who helped make the Shlomo
      Katz concert in the Heights a huge success.

      ---Yosef Karduner at The ROC House
      550 W.110th St. (at Broadway), NYC
      Saturday night February 28, 2009 @9:00PM
      $16 admission $12 students
      Separate seating

      ---Yosef Karduner at the Jewish Music Cafe
      401 9th St., Brooklyn
      Sunday night March 1, 2009 @7:30PM
      $15 admission
      Separate seating

      ---Acharit Hayamim
      Where: Congregation Beth Shalom, 186 Maple Ave., Red Bank, NJ
      When: 8pm, Wednesday, March 11
      Cost: $20 includes refreshments
      Contact: Rabbi Yerachmiel Shapiro, 732-741-1657 or

      ---March 9th
      hemspeed Purim Party & Soulfarm CD Release Party @ BB Kings
      featuring SOULFARM, The Bridge & After party with Diwon
      Advance reservations suggested TICKETS: Advance $15; Day of Show: $20
      Adults, $15 Students Doors open at 7:30 PM Concert starts at 8:30 PM
      CALL THE BOX OFFICE: 212-997-4144
      For more info go to www.bbkingblues.com

      ---March 14th @ 92nd St. Y Tribeca
      Shemspeed's 40 Days 40 Nights NYC Show @ 92Y Tribeca
      featuring Israel's Aharit Hayamim / HAI, Anomaly MC from the UK,
      Diwon, DeScribe * Y-Love, Dov Rosenblatt, Eprhyme and special guests
      @92Y Tribeca
      200 Hudson st.
      $15 doors/ $10 adv.
      all info at www.shemspeed.com/daily

      Acharit Hayamim is still available for concerts, so if anyone wants to
      book them email moshecor@...

      Purim is all about wearing masks. The entire story of Purim is about
      hidden miracles, as we know G-d's name is not mentioned even once in
      the story of Esther. The verse "Anochi Haster esther es Panai" which
      literally means G-d will hide His face, the Talmud explains that this
      is a reference to Esther. Even the words "Megilla Esther" can mean
      Migalleh Esther. Migalleh means "to reveal" and esther is "hidden" so
      this means to reveal that which is hidden. The greatness of the story
      of Esther isn't in what we see, but in what we don't see. Our task in
      life is to constantly try to reveal that which is hidden, to see G-d's
      hand in everything.
      Wishing everyone a Good Shabbos,
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