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  • Gili Houpt
    Dear friends, Last night my band Remez played a concert at Yeshiva University with Piamenta, who was awesome. And Tuesday night we played at Triad on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2001
      Dear friends,

      Last night my band Remez played a concert at Yeshiva
      University with Piamenta, who was awesome. And Tuesday night we
      played at Triad on the Upper West Side. I want to thank all our fans
      who came out to see us this week and gave us the chance to showcase
      outr new material. Sending out these weekly emails has given me a
      lot of opportunities: I've met many incredible musicians, attended
      lots of great concerts, and best of all I'm in touch with 1100+
      people who share my love for Jewish Music. Thank you for being a
      part of this! Check out some of the great Jewish Music this weekend
      and beyond:

      Tonight, Friday February 2 begins the Yachad Shabbaton at
      Congregation Ohab Zedek on the Upper West Side. Yachad is a program
      to bring people from the community togteher with individuals who are
      physically and/or mentally challenged. Music is a language all can
      understand, and it's a great way to reach people who have trouble
      communicating and make them understand they're an importnat part of
      society. A highlight of these shabbatons is when everybody is
      singing together at davening and the meals in the shul, so all are
      encouraged to participate in this big chesed. Call the shul to
      reserve for the meals 212-749-5150

      Tomorrow night, Saturday February 3 there is a concert at OZ,
      118 W95 St, as a fundraiser to benefit the Tefillin Project. Laibel
      Ben Moshe & Danny Leitner are playing from 8PM to midnight and
      admission is only $5. This is the conclusion of the Yachad
      Shabbaton, so besides the great music you're doing two great
      mitzvahs. For info, call 212-749-5150 or goto

      Also Tomorrow night, Saturday February 3, 8:30 PM "Bring Life
      to your Soul" at a Melava Malka with Oneg Shames, Michael Poulad &
      Friends at the Carlebach Shul (Congregation Kehilath Jacob) 305 W79
      St. Admission at the door: $7 students, $10 adults. Contact Oneg
      for more info: 516-293-3192 or cheroneg@...

      Also Tomorrow night 2/3, at 9PM Andy Statman will be playing
      at Ansche Chesed, 251 W100 St at West End Ave. It is customary to
      start preparing for holidays a month in advance, so this will be a
      pre-Purim concert, complete with all the hamentaschen you can eat
      (from David's Cookies, under OU supervision), and all those arriving
      in Purim costume will pay only $5 admission ($20 for conventional
      clothing). For more info, call 212-865-0600 or

      Also Tomorrow night 2/3, if you're wondering where I'm going
      to be, there's a LAVE Shabbaton at the Teaneck Jewish Center in New
      Jersey. My band mate Seth and I are going to be playing a kumsitz at
      9:30 PM for public-schools kids who attend this bi-annual weekend
      retreat. Let me tell you, these teenagers have got a lot of ruach!

      Sunday, February 4, HASC is having its annual concert at the
      Metropolitan Opera House, featuring Ruby Harris, Mordechai Ben David
      and Avraham Fried. This is always a great concert every year, and
      it's a fundraiser for the Hebrew Academy for Special Children. Call
      718-851-6100 and check out http://www.hasc.net

      Also Sunday 2/4 at 3 PM, go to Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway
      (95 St) to see Alhambra, a presentation of the World Music Institute
      of Sephardic songs of Spain and the Near East. Tickets are $21 ($15
      students); for more info, call 864-5400 or see
      http://heartheworld.org and http://www.symphonyspace.org !!!
      IMPORTANT NOTE: the issue of Kol Isha may be applicable here: consult
      your local Rabbinic authority!!!

      Also Sunday 2/4 at 3PM there is a public concert at The
      Jewish Museum, 1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street. Yoel Ben-Simhon and
      The Sultana Ensemble present "Mediterranean Collage," A Jewish
      Moroccan musical experience which incorporates Middle Eastern and
      Western influences into a cross-cultural fusion. Tickets are $16
      (less for students and children). For more info, call 212-423-3337
      or see http://www.thejewishmuseum.org

      Tuesday February 6, at 9PM Ruth Gerson is playing two rockin'
      sets at Makor, 35 W 67 St. Admission is $7 to see Ruth and other
      local bands from 7 until 10PM. For more info, call 212-601-1000 or
      check out http://www.makor.org and http://www.ruthgerson.com !!!
      IMPORTANT NOTE: the issue of Kol Isha may be applicable here: consult
      your local Rabbinic authority. Also, the food at Makor is under
      Rabbinic supervision, but check the drinks at the bar!!!

      Also Tuesday night 2/6, at 11PM check out Citigrass at the
      Hog Pit, 22 Ninth Ave at 13th St. This new Bluegrass band features
      some great Jewsih musicians, including Noah Solomon from the band
      Soulfarm, formerly Inasense. For more info, call the bar at 212-604-
      0092 or email Sandy at citigrass@...

      Wednesday February 7 is Tu B'shvat and amazaingly I've found
      no Jewish Music events yet. If I don't find anything going on in a
      few days, I'm going to try organizing a concert or a kumsitz or
      something, so stay tuned. Check the website for updates:

      Thursday February 8, Andy Statman is playing his weekly Music
      of the Mystics at the Greenwich Village Synagogue from 8-11 PM. Andy
      is renowned as a master of clarinet and mandolin, playing a great mix
      of klezmer, Chassidic, and original Jewish melodies. The shul is
      located at 53 Charles St. (near W 4th St.) and can be reached at 212-
      242-6425. Suggested donation is $10 (students $7) which includes
      free refreshments.

      Also Thursday 2/8, check out "Sessions at 17 West" at the
      Orange Bear, 47 Murry street between West Broadway and Church. This
      is the second show by Dani and Noah, playing covers and some of their
      original songs on their just-released CD. Admission is free; for
      more info call the bar at 212-566-3705.

      Friday night February 9 The Old Broadway Synagogue is having
      their Fifth Singles Shabbat Dinner, with lots of singing. No prior
      Shabbat experience necessary. Davening, followed by dinner, starts
      at 5PM and will be at the Old Broadway Synagogue, 15 Old Broadway
      (1/2 block east of B'way between 125th and 126th streets). Please
      reserve by ednesday, February 7th by calling 212-662-9767; $18 per
      person. http://www.geocities.com/oldbroadway_shul/index.html

      Saturday night, February 10, Kleztrophobix is playing a
      concert at Congregation Ohab Zedek, 118 W95 St. I went to see this
      band this past Sunday at Tonic, and they're really amazing klezmer
      musicians, drawing from an eclectic mix of influences. This is part
      of the incredible Saturday night concert series at OZ, and the $15
      admission includes free pizza and beverages. For more info, call the
      shul at 212-749-5150, and check out the band's website:

      Also Saturday night 2/10, at 7:30 PM Rabbi James Stone
      Goodman's New York Quartet playing a "Melave Malka" at 344 E. 14th
      St. Admission is $5 at the door. James is coming all the way from
      Missouri to play this show; for more info email him at

      Sunday, February 11, from 3 to 6PM, Rabbi Goodman is playing
      again in a special performance for the opening of Todd Weinstein's
      photography exhibit "The 36 Unknown" at the Yeshiva University Museum
      in the Center for Jewish History 15 West 16th Street. For more info
      email him at Stavisker@...

      February 13-18 and/or 20-25 Isralight spiritual retreat in
      Orlando, Florida features a kumsitz every night around the campfire
      (I'll be there the second week with my guitar) and Shabbos is an
      incredible experience with dancing and singing on the beachfront of
      the campground. Scholarships are avilable but limited, so call now
      to reserve 212-695-4877. http://www.isralight.org

      I hope you get to enjoy some of these music events. Let me
      know what you think: just reply to this message. And don't forget to
      check out the website on yahoogroups with lots of great music links
      and other features. Have a great Shabbos!

      Gili Houpt
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