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Jewish Music to Light up the World

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  • Gili Houpt
    Dear Friends, As we make our way through the Hebrew month of Kislev, the nights are getting longer and colder, and it s specifically this darkest time of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      As we make our way through the Hebrew month of Kislev, the nights are
      getting longer and colder, and it's specifically this darkest time of
      the year that we prepare to bring Light to the world, on Chanukah. Stay tuned for all the great holiday concerts coming up. Let the
      music reach your soul!

      ------- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2
      8pm An evening of music and art in support of the artists of Tsfat.
      Featuring wine and cheese reception, Chanukah gifts for sale, and
      live Klezmer music with Greg Wall & Klezmerfest. At Congregation
      Ramath Orah, 550 W110 St, between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.
      Admission: $18. http://gregwall.com

      7:30PM Neshama Carlebach performs in White Plains, NY: Temple Israel
      Center, 280 Old Mamaroneck Rd. Info: call 914-948-2800 or
      *NOTE: See Below

      8:30pm David Ross performs at The Bitter End, 147 Bleecker St. Cost:
      $7. Info: 212-673-7030 http://davidevanross.com
      and see my review of his album "The Power to Be" from a couple of
      months ago: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYCJewishMusic/message/189

      ------- DECEMBER 2-10
      Riverdale's first-ever Jewish Festival of the Arts, at the Riverdale
      Y and venues throughout Riverdale, NY, featuring Nishmat Hatzafon,
      Pharaoh's Daughter, Eugene Marlow and the Heritage Ensemble, Joel
      Chasnoff and the Traveling Jewburys, Naqshon's Leap, Blue Fringe,
      ShirLaLa Concert, Neshama Carlebach, Tehilla Musical Talent Show,
      Kinneret Children's Chanukah Show, Combined Choir Concert at the HIR,
      and much more. Info: 718-548-8200 x216 or http://shalomriverdale.org
      *NOTE: See Below

      ------- SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3
      7PM Special Seuda in the Modzitz Shtibel in Flatbush, 1542 Coney
      Island Ave, at Ave L. Featuring Modzitzer nigguinim led by R'Ben
      Zion Shenker, commemorating the Yahrzeit of the Divrei Yisrael, first
      Modzitzer Rebbe, who composed many popular Jewish songs.

      7:30pm Cantors World presents: A Cantor at the Met: World Renowned
      Cantor Yitzchak Meir Helfgot of the Park East Synagogue, singing
      cantorial classics, accompanied by members of the New York
      Philharmonic. For Tickets: 718.851.3226 http://cantorsworld.com

      8-10pm the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education presents
      a concert featuring Debbie Friedman, Craig Taubman, Jeff Klepper and
      MC/comedian, Joel Chasnoff, at Congregation Rodeph Shalom. Tickets:
      $25 - call the CAJE office at 212-268-4210 or http://caje.org
      *NOTE: See Below

      ------- MONDAY, DECEMBER 4
      8PM Rebbetzin Emuna Witt's Concert Lecture Tour 2006 with Roberta
      Flatow, at the home of Miriam Futterman, 156 Willow Tree Road,
      Monsey. Emunah is visiting from the Holy Land to lead learning and
      singing for women, through stories and songs of Reb Shlomo on the
      secrets of Kislev, prepare to receive the lights of Chanukah. Info:
      845-362-8318 or rachra@...

      8PM Bobby Sichran is playing at Sin-e, 150 Attorney Street and
      Stanton on the Lower East Side. Music and stories; beer and CDs.
      Cover charge: $8. More info: 212.388.0077 or http://bobbysichran.com
      and see my review of his album below

      ------- TUESDAY, DECEMBER 5
      8pm an evening of Torah, stories and singing with Emuna Witt, to
      bring light and warmth to the month of Kislev in preparation for
      Chanukah, at the home of Gail and Jonathan Schorsch, 5040 Arlington
      Ave, @252 St. Info: 718-549-6477 or

      6pm "Moroccan Dream Weavers: North African Themes in Art, Literature
      and Music" - panel discussion and performance by emerging
      artist/scholars, including artist Cynthia Beth Rubin, writer Yaelle
      Azagury and musician Samuel Thomas. At the Center for Jewish
      History, 15 W16th St. Cost: $10. Info: http://cjh.org or

      Tirtza Singer & Chana Sophia Yaffe on tour from Israel, performing
      for women only, in Morristown, NJ. Also performing near Boston, Dec
      9 and 10. More info: vallevue@... or 781-784-4661

      ------- WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6
      8:45PM The Yahrzeit of the second Modzitzer Rebbe, Shaul Yedidya
      Elazar, known as the Imrei Shaul, considered the most prolific
      Chassidic composer of niggunim, with some 1,000 masterpieces to his
      credit. Seuda at the Modzitz Shtibel in Flatbush, 1542 Coney Island
      Ave, at Ave L. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/modzitzers

      7:30pm Open-mike night for women, by women: act, sing, dance, play,
      read, joke, filibuster or come watch. At Makor, 35 W67
      St. Admission: $10. Info: call 212-865-0085 or see

      8:30PM Soul Searching, a Jewish musical about a single Jewish woman
      struggling to find her match and her true spiritual place in the
      world. at the Synagogue for the Arts, 49 White St, west of Broadway,
      2 blocks below Canal St. With music and lyrics by Avi Kunstler.
      Tickets: $20 - call 201-567-6664 http://blackboxe.com
      *NOTE: See Below

      ------- THURSDAY, DECEMBER 7
      7-10pm The Professional Women's Theatre is holding Open Auditions
      (women only) for a February Benefit Concert raising funds and
      awareness for all-women's performing arts as well as charity. At 550
      West 110th St. Selecting 10-12 individual performers or groups,
      either vocal, instrumental, dance, or in theatre. Performers under
      15 must be accompanied by an adult. Bring the soundtrack/music you
      need; if you can't come, send video or sound clip. Sign up in
      advance for 10 minute slot,
      (alternative time on Fri, Dec 8, 8-11am. Contact Miriam at 917-686-
      1211 or pwta@...

      8:45-10:30PM Andy Statman is back with his weekly Music of the
      Mystics concert: klezmer with some toe-tapping bluegrass thrown in,
      on both clarinet and mandolin, At the Greenwich Village Synagogue, 53
      Charles St near W4 St. Suggested donation: $10 (includes
      refreshments). More info: 212-242-6425 http://andystatman.org

      The Yeshiva's Shabbaton: join a warm and open-hearted community in
      experiencing the joy of mystical meditation, melodies, and movement
      in greeting the Shabbat Queen. Followed by delicious cuisine and a
      joining of mind, body and spirit. At The Yeshiva in Dumbo, Brooklyn:
      155 Water St, #2B. Accommodations available, reservations
      suggested. More info: 718.852.6356 or http://iyeshiva.com

      Carlebach Congregation of Teaneck Shabbaton - be inspired and
      entertained by visiting Rabbi Velvel Kunovsky and Chazan Yonah Landau
      (with the "voice of Shlomo"). LODGING PROVIDED (by 12/4). Cost:
      $25/day ($35 after Dec. 2); kids under 12 free - separate children's
      programming throughout shabbaton. Musical Havdala with special
      musical guests: $5 by 12/2, $10 after or at door, raffles, prizes.
      At 576 Queen Anne Road (corner of Griggs). Advance purchase required
      for all meals. Call 201-708-6629 or register online:

      ------- SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9
      8pm the Carlebach minyan of Passaic presents a pre-Chanukah Kumsitz
      with Rabbi Naftali Citron, accompanied by Yaakov Dov Miller on
      guitar, at Kehilas Bais Yosef, 580 Broadway @Brook Ave, in Passaic,
      NJ. Come for inspiring stories of the Chassidic Masters, using their
      inner beauty to bring out the depth of our connection to Hashem and
      Klal Yisroel. Cost: $12 at door. If you need a ride from the bus
      station, contact as soon as possible. More info: 973-773-8286

      8pm an evening of A-Cappella music, featuring Tizmoret, Queens
      College's professional A-Cappella group under the direction of Daniel
      Henkin. Opening performance by NYU's Ani V'atah. At Congregation
      Ramath Orah, 550 West 110th St. Tickets: $10 at the door. More info:
      212-222-2470 or http://tizmoret.com

      Cafe Night at Congregation Ahawas Achim B'nai Jacob and David, 700
      Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange, NJ. Featuring Andy Statman
      Trio. More info: 973-736-1407 http://www.aabjd.org

      ------- SUNDAY, DECEMBER 10
      The monthly Farbrengen at The Yeshiva: combining Chasidic melodies,
      stories and teachings with light food and drink in an accessible and
      approachable way, exchanging ideas, stories, inspiration, and
      elevation with Rabbi Pinson. Located in Dumbo, Brooklyn: 155 Water
      St, #2B. More info: 718.852.6356 or http://iyeshiva.com

      ------- MONDAY, DECEMBER 11
      8:45-10:30PM weekly Jewish bluegrass concert with Andy Statman, world
      renowned master on both clarinet and mandolin, at the
      Greenwich Village Synagogue, 53 Charles St near W4 St. Suggested
      donation: $10 (includes refreshments). More info: 212-242-6425

      8:30PM Soul Searching: see info above Dec 6

      ------- THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14
      Rabbi Shlomo Yaffe, hosts the monthly introductory class on the
      Tanya, the great classic of Chassidic spirituality. Also features
      live music, drinks and appetizers. At the Chabad of Midtown, 509
      Fifth Avenue, b/w 42 & 43rd St. Entrance fee: $10. More info: 212-
      972-0770 or http://chabadmidtown.com

      ------- FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15
      7pm I'm leading a Shabbos program for unaffiliated Jews in their 20s
      and 30s, starting with an explanatory service with lots of singing,
      followed by a dinner at Congregation Adereth El, 133 E29 St, between
      Lexington & 3rd Ave. Part of the new downtown branch of Manhattan
      Jewish Experience. More info: 212-787-9533 x200 http://aderethel.org

      ------- DECEMBER 15-23
      Sephardic Music Festival, featuring: Hadag Nachash, The Hebrew
      Mamita, Juez, Smadar, Yuri Lane, Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Y-Love,
      Pharaohs Daughter, Saz, Jake Break, Nat Rahav aka DJ Busquelo , DJ
      Rekha, Jewlia Eisenberg, Shusmo, DJ Balagan, Asefa, Ramón Tasat and
      Fiesta Sefarad, Ezra Malakov, Omar Offendem of the N.O.M.A.D.S.,
      Ragtop of the Phitlistine's, Frantic Turtle, Matthue Roth, Elyakeem
      Kinstlinger, Samuel Thomas, Sarah Aroeste, Aliza Hava, Afro Semitic
      Experience, dj handler & Divahn. http://sephardicmusicfestival.com
      or http://modularmoods.com/SMFPress2006.html
      *NOTE: See Below

      ------- ANNOUNCEMENTS:
      New Carlebach Minyan forming in Flatbush, dedicated to daven with the
      Carlebach nusach, incorporating stories and pairush tefillot, so that
      davening can be with the utmost of kavana. First minyan was Nov 17
      at Young Israel of Ocean Parkway, between Kings Hwy and Ave R. More
      info: contact Shea schechter at 917-379-6550 or Pdmbls@...

      Bobby Sichran's latest release "Peddler in Babylon" features all
      original English songs with many Jewish themes. "Who You Be"
      searches for the existence of G-d, while "I Know I Swore" struggles
      with Divine Law and human responsibility. The title track deals with
      our lives in the Diaspora: "Once you've been to Babyon, you never go
      back to Zion." With mature lyrics, this album is not for everyone,
      but Sichran's music documents his own spiritual journey. Catch him
      this Monday on the Lower East Side, or see http://bobbysichran.com

      Get ready for Chanukah!

      Gili Houpt

      *NOTE: For all the above events so noted, the issue of Kol Isha may
      apply; consult your local Rabbinic authority for more info, and see
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