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Jewish Music for Sukkos

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  • Gili Houpt
    Dear Friends, There are so many great Jewish music events going on for Sukkos no wonder it s called HAchag - THE holiday! May we merit to feel the Divine
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 6, 2006
      Dear Friends,

      There are so many great Jewish music events going on for
      Sukkos no wonder it's called HAchag - THE holiday! May we merit to
      feel the Divine presence enveloping us as we sit in the Sukkah,
      fulfilling one of the only mitzvos you can do with your entire body!

      ------- FRIDAY, OCT 6
      6:10pm Seth Nadel leads the davening with lots of singing for the
      Carlebach Congregation of Teaneck, 95 Edgemont Pl. Info: 201-708-
      6629 http://carlebachteaneck.com

      ------- SATURDAY, OCT 7
      9:15am I'm leading the davening with lots of singing and giving the
      drasha at the Old Broadway Synagogue, located at 15 Old Broadway, a
      half-block east of Broadway between 125 & 126 St. Davening both
      Shabbos and Sunday mornings followed by kiddush/lunch in the shul
      Sukkah. Also Saturday afternoon, mincha at 5:50pm followed by
      Shalosh-Seudos in the Sukkah with some great Sukkos songs. See

      ------- SUNDAY-WEDNESDAY, OCT 8-11
      Every night of Sukkos it is customary to have a Simchas Beis
      Haso'eva - celebrate the holiday with great music, singing and
      dancing as we relive the joy of the ancient Temple in Jerusalem.
      Various Chassidic groups in Brooklyn have huge concerts, and last
      year I went with my fellow musician Reb Seth Nadel who goes Brooklyn
      Sukkah-hopping every year. The following is the list I recorded, but
      I don't know if anything is changed for this year, mostly starting
      around 8-9pm:
      -- Munkatch, 47 St & 14 Ave, the Chassidim stand on bleachers
      surrounding the Rebbe in the center of a HUGE Sukkah; featuring live
      music until around midnight. Women's gallery (separate entrance).
      -- Bobov, 47 St & 15-16 Ave, thousands of Chassidim in a GIGANTIC
      Sukkah (probably the biggest I've ever seen) sing niggunim with the
      Rebbe and wait to catch his eye and exchange a wave. Ends around 1am.
      Women's gallery (separate entrance).
      -- Karlin-Stolin, 16 Ave & 46-47 St, spirited dancing indoors to live
      music, ending around 1:30am. Men only.
      -- Stitchin, 54 St & 14-15 Ave, midnight-2am, the Rebbe leads the
      dancing with hundreds of Chassidim in a small room (drink lots of
      water!). Keyboard player with some good tunes.
      -- Skulen, 1315 54th St & 13 Ave, I've been told is not happening
      this year, as the Rebbe R'Avrohom Portugal is recuperating Upstate
      (he must be in his nineties), so you'll have to find somewhere else
      to get hot potato kugel at 3am!
      -- If you get lost, just ask directions from anyone wearing a
      shtreimel (fur hat) or bekisheh (long coat of patterned black silk),
      and it helps if you speak Yiddish.
      --- Seth and I didn't make it over to Crown Heights, but I'm told
      that Chabad closes down the streets there for all-night music and
      dancing, I think around Kingston Ave. Note of caution: all of these
      events are NOT recommended for those who get claustrophobic!

      ------- SUNDAY, OCT 8
      8pm Seth Nadel plays a musical Melave Malka & simchas beis hashueva
      in Teaneck, NJ: 765 Carroll Pl. Bring your own acoustic instruments
      and words of Torah to share. Admission: $5 online before Succos; $10
      afterwards or at the door; kids 17 and under free. Info: 201-708-
      6629 http://carlebachteaneck.com

      ------- MONDAY, OCT 9

      7:45-10pm I'm playing a Simchas Beis Hasho'eva at the Vorhand
      Shteeble, Congregation & Yeshiva Heichal Moshe, 305 W91 St (between
      West End and Riverside). Email or call me for more info: 646-706-3076

      8pm Yehonatan Bechor is making a hazkarah for his grandmother,
      featuring a simchat beit hashoeivah and siyum, at his home in
      Woodmere: 900 Browers Point Branch, south of Broadway, off Woodmere
      Blvd. If you play, bring an instrument. Info: 516-374-0223 or

      7:30 pm Rabbi Nachman of Breslov Yahrzeit Gathering, at the Carlbach
      Shul Sukkah, 305 W 79 St. Featuring Breslov Stories, Torahs and
      Music, with Rabbi Naftali Citron and other speakers. Music with
      David Schweke, and bring your own instruments! Admission: $5
      (includes pizza and soda). Info: 917-796-6473 or

      5:30-8:30pm Chabad of the Five Towns presents Simchat Beit Hashoeva,
      at Cedarhurst Park, corner of Summit and Cedarhurst Aves. Activities
      and fun for all ages: music by Azamra DJ; entertainment by "TWO".
      More info: 516-295-2478 or http://chabadfivetowns.com

      8:30PM Sukkah in the City, at Park East Synagogue, 164 East 68th St,
      betw Lexington and 3rd Ave. Cool Music... Cool Crowd... Hot Sukkah.
      Price: $10. Contact: 800-722-3191 http://gatewaysonline.com

      6:30pm African-style Sukkot celebration, featuring the Drum Cafe, an
      interactive drumming company that involves the audience in creating
      music, emphasizing the message of the Sukkot, unity of the Jewish
      people. At the Chabad House of Western Monmouth County, 26 Wickatunk
      Rd. Admission is $15 for adults; $5 for children. Call 732-972-3687

      7:30PM Chol Hamoed Extravaganza - a night of Musical Entertainment
      featuring Israeli Stars: Ohad, Kinderlach, Gershon Orchestra, Yishai
      Lapidot, Dovid Gabay, at Queens College. Tickets start at $30 (some
      of proceeds to benefit children in Israel), available at local
      Judaica stores or call 631.514.7444 http://jewishtickets.com

      ------- TUESDAY, OCT 10
      8-11pm Daniel Gil performs a Simchas Beis HaShoeva in Passaic, NJ, at
      Ahavas Israel, 181 Van Houten Ave. Featuring a rare appearance by
      Daniel Gil, amazing composer and recording artist - see below for my
      review of his CD. I'll be joining him on guitar, along with Greg
      Wall, Tzvi Kalman and Gilad Dobrecky. Suggested Donation: $8; $5
      students; $25 family. Men and women separate for both seating and
      dancing. Info: call Marty & Menucha Rothenberg at 973-472-7336

      11:15am-5:30pm carnival & concert, featuring Miami Boys Choir,
      Avrohom Fried, Uncle Moishe, Dovid Gabay, Champions on Ice, Carnival
      Rides, The Extreme Team, Cirque Africa, All Star Animal Show. In
      Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, NJ - buses available
      from Boro Park, Flatbush and Williamsburg. Separate seating except
      families/children. Tickets start at $25; in advance: $22 - buy
      online or call 877-9Chol-Hamoed http://cholhamoedevents.com

      ------- WEDNESDAY, OCT 11
      8 pm Musical Simchas Beis Hashoevah with Seth Nadel in Passaic, NJ:
      Tifereth Israel, 180 Passaic Ave. $5 donation, includes light
      refreshments in the Sukkah. Bring yourself, a friend, and an
      instrument too! http://sethnadel.com

      7:30pm Omek Hadavar in a Simchas Beis Hashoeva concert for NCSY, at
      the Utopia Jewish Center, 64-41 Utopia Parkway in Fresh Meadows,
      Queens. Tickets at the door: $10; in advance: $8 - call 718-461-1200
      and see http://myspace.com/omekhadavar

      6:30 pm Dinner with lectures on "Music for Sukkot, Hoshanah Rabbah,
      Sh'mini Atzeret and Simhat Torah," at Lincoln Square Synagogue, 200
      Amsterdam Ave @ W70 St. With presentations by Cantors Sherwood
      Goffin and Bernard Beer, of the Belz School of Jewish Music.
      Reservations: $25; call 212-960-5353 or email belzschool@...

      1-1:30pm Sukkos party for the JASA senior center @WSIS, 120 W76 St.
      Looking for volunteers to join the band, with guitar, keyboard and/or
      voice. Contact Ruthie Simon at 212-854-2473 or rsimon@...

      ------- THURSDAY, OCT 12
      7pm Simchat Beit HaShoeva Musical Leil Hoshanah Rabbah Tish with
      Rabbi Uri Topolosky, an evening filled with song, words of Torah,
      dancing and food, as we dwell in the holiday for one last night this
      year, in the candlelit sukkah at the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale,
      3700 Henry Hudson Parkway. Free admission, and feel free to bring
      your own instruments! Info: 718-796-4730 or see http://hir.org

      ------- FRIDAY, OCT 13
      Hoshana Raba, the seventh and final day of Sukkos, with a special
      prayer service featuring a ceremony of willow branches and a
      procession around the synagogue seven times as we sing "Hoshana Na"
      (Please Save). You've got to see this! Some shuls go all out making
      this a very meaningful experience. Check out the following:
      --Congregation Shearith Israel, The Spanish and Portuguese
      Synagogue, 8 W70th St, at Central Park West. Davening 6:30AM, Jews of
      all backgrounds flock to this oldest congregation in North America,
      especially on Hoshana Raba, to observe and participate in the
      Sefardic rituals and sing their traditional tunes. Info: 212.873.0300
      or http://shearithisrael.org
      --The Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 3700 Henry Hudson Parkway.
      Davening 8-10AM, special musical service led by Rav Uri, followed by
      breakfast in the Sukkah! Feel free to bring your own drums, shakers,
      cymbals and the like! More info: 718-796-4730 or http://hir.org
      --Carlebach Shul, 305 W79 St between Riverside & West End Ave.
      Davening 10am-2pm. The highest of the high, deepest of the deep, it's
      mamesh a gevalt! Bring all your musical instruments! Info: 212-721-
      SHUL or http://carlebachshul.org

      ------- SATURDAY, OCT 14
      10pm Simchat Torah Celebration - dancing in the streets in front of
      West Side Institutional Synagogue, 120 W76 St, between Amsterdam and
      Columbus. All shuls, groups, organizations and individuals are
      invited to march down and participate in uniting the Jewish community
      of Manhattan through singing and dancing with the Torah. Info: 212-
      877-7652 or http://wsisny.org

      ------- FRIDAY-SATURDAY, OCT 20-21
      Isralight Shabbaton with Rav Binny Freedman, at Lincoln Square
      Synagogue, 200 Amsterdam Ave. Including spirited Friday night
      Tefillah, followed by dinner (by reservations only) and dessert Tisch
      open to the community, with Rav Binny, Rabbi Robinson, and Rabbi
      Morris. Seudah Shlishit (Third Meal) with stories and songs,
      Isralight-style! Info: 212.874.6100 or http://lss.org

      ------- SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21
      Yosef Karduner performs for Aish Kodesh, at the Young Israel of
      Lawrence Cedarhurst. He's on tour from Israel Oct 18-29, so if
      you're interested in booking any other shows, contact Azriel Ganz at
      917-826-2612 or eganz@...

      ------- SUNDAY, OCT 22
      7pm Moshav Band & The Big Blue Accident in Teaneck, NJ: at Mexicali
      Blues, 1409 Queen Anne Rd. All Ages: $15 admission. More info:
      contact Benjamin Cohen at 201-838-1256 or bcohen@...
      http://moshavband.com http://mexicalibluescafe.com

      ------- TUESDAY, OCT 24
      7:30pm Tribeca Showcase of New Jewish Music & Comedy (and open mike),
      with Binymoin Ginsberg, Pharaohs Daughter, Seth Glass, Yaakov Chesed,
      Rich Mansour, Lost Tribe. At the Synagogue for the Arts, 49 White
      St, west of Broadway; 2 blocks below Canal St. More info, call: 212-
      966-7141 http://synagogueforthearts.org
      *NOTE: See Below

      ------- FRIDAY-SATURDAY, OCT 28-29
      Reb Shlomo Carlebach Yarzheit Shabbaton in Teaneck, NJ, with the
      phenomenal Rabbi Sammy Intrator, past rabbi of the Carlebach Shul,
      along with special musical guests. Reb Sammy will share the deepest
      torah teachings, stories of our holy Chassidic masters, experiences
      on the road with Reb Shlomo, and of course, the most ecstatic music.
      Lodging available; advance purchase of meals required: $30 ($40 after
      Oct 18), children 10 yrs & under FREE. Melave Malka $10 ($15 at
      door), 17 and under free. Last year sold out after 200 people
      arrived! Full info: 201-708-6629 http://carlebachteaneck.com

      ------- SATURDAY, OCT 29
      7:30pm Darfur Benefit Concert featuring Naqshon's Leap, raising funds
      to end the genocide against the people of Darfur, in Tenafly, NJ: at
      the JCC on the Palisades. Cost: $20; $10 Children or students. More
      info: 201-569-7900x204 http://myspace.com/naqshonsleap

      ------- ANNOUNCEMENTS
      Nishmat Hatzafon, a women's arts company based in NY promoting the
      expression of Jewish women's artistic talent
      and creativity, performs dance, poetry, song, and music around Jewish
      themes. They're currently seeking trained dancers, singers,
      musicians, and poets for upcoming performance series. To audition:

      ------- Jewish Music Album of the Week:
      Daniel Gil's "Soul Calling" is the best kept secret in Jewish music,
      an incredible album with ten original songs from Tanach
      (Nachamu, Hodu Lashem, Hazor'im, Aishes Chayil), liturgy (Oseh
      Shalom, 2 different Lecha Dodi tunes) and other sources. Daniel
      performs all vocals, guitar, violin and viola, with compositions
      melding his classical training and Shlomo Carlebach influence. The
      resulting spiritual sound is truly music for the Jewish soul. Pick
      up the CD in Passaic on Tuesday, Oct 10, at a rare NY-area
      appearance, or call Daniel Gil directly at 781-784-7799

      Have a great Shabbos and Chag Sameach!

      Gili Houpt

      *NOTE: For all the above events so noted, the issue of Kol Isha may
      apply; consult your local Rabbinic authority for more info, and see
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