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Jewish Music for the New Year

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  • Gili Houpt
    Dear Friends, Sorry I ve been so busy getting ready for the New Year that I haven t come out with an update lately. Here s just a few Jewish music events
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2006
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      Dear Friends,

      Sorry I've been so busy getting ready for the New Year that I haven't
      come out with an update lately. Here's just a few Jewish music
      events coming up. But I'm preparing the next update now with all the
      Sukkos concerts, including the simchas beis hasho'eva in Brooklyn, so
      please send any info you have. Wishing everyone a year filled with
      sweet music!

      ------- FRIDAY, SEPT 29
      6:24pm Tonight I'm leading the davening at the Carlebach minyan of
      Passaic/Clifton, at the home of Menucha and Marty Rothenberg, 370
      Pennington Ave. For more info and future events: 973.773.8286

      6:30 PM Neshama Carlebach leads a Kabbalat Shabbos FOR WOMEN ONLY,
      singing the tunes of her father, at Congregation Ohab Zedek, 118 W95
      St. 212-749-5150 http://ozny.org http://neshamacarlebach.com

      7pm Yosef hosts Shabbos and after party in Williamsburg, 344 south
      3rd St, between Keap and Hooper. Davening in the backyard; dinner
      afterwards at 8:30. People are invited to sleep over and crash
      around the house. Slichos dancehall D.J. set in basement/backyard.
      More details contact Ahron Moeller at 212-921-9090 or

      ------- SATURDAY, SEPT 30
      6pm I'm leading a Seudah Shlishit with lots of singing, also at 370
      Pennington Ave. After Shabbos is over we'll daven maariv and have a
      musical havdalla, getting us into the mood of tshuva for Yom Kippur.
      For more info and future events: 973.773.8286

      9:15pm Rav Weinberger gives an incredible drasha on Teshuva at Cong.
      Aish Kodesh in Woodmere, followed @10:30pm by a melave malka with a
      light meal and music, at the home of Yehonatan Bechor, 900 Browers
      Point Branch, south of Broadway, off Woodmere Blvd. Info:

      ------- THURSDAY, OCT 5
      8:30-10:30PM Andy Statman's weekly Music of the Mystics concert:
      klezmer with some toe-tapping bluegrass thrown in, on both clarinet
      and mandolin, At the Greenwich Village Synagogue, 53 Charles St near
      W4 St. Suggested donation: $10 (includes refreshments). Call first to
      confirm the show is on: 212-242-6425 http://andystatman.org

      ------- FRIDAY, OCT 6
      Seth Nadel leads the davening with lots of singing for the Carlebach
      Congregation of Teaneck, Carlebach Congregation of Teaneck, 95
      Edgemont Pl. Info: 201-708-6629 http://carlebachteaneck.com

      ------- SUNDAY, OCT 8
      8pm Seth Nadel plays a musical Melave Malka & tish for simchas beis
      hashueva. Bring your own acoustic instruments and torah to share.
      Admission: $5 online before Succos; $10 on afterwards or at the door;
      kids free (17 and under). Info: 201-708-6629

      ------- WEDNESDAY, OCT 11
      1-1:30pm Sukkos party for the JASA senior center @WSIS, 120 W76 St.
      Looking for volunteers to join the band, with guitar, keyboard and/or
      voice. Contact Ruthie Simon at 212-854-2473 or rsimon@...

      ------- SATURDAY, OCT 14
      10pm Simchat Torah Celebration - dancing in the streets in front of
      West Side Institutional Synagogue, 120 W76 St, between Amsterdam and
      Columbus. All shul, groups, organizations and individuals are
      invited to march down and participate in uniting the Jewish community
      through singing and dancing with the Torah

      ------- OCTOBER 18-29
      Yosef Karduner will be on tour in the United States. So far the only
      concert scheduled is for Aish Kodesh on October 21, at the Young
      Israel of Lawrence Cedarhurst. If you're interested in booking any
      other shows, contact Azriel Ganz at 917-826-2612 or eganz@...

      ------- SUNDAY, OCT 22
      7pm Moshav Band & The Big Blue Accident in Teaneck, NJ: at Mexicali
      Blues, 1409 Queen Anne Rd. All Ages: $15 admission. More info:
      contact Benjamin Cohen at 201-838-1256 or bcohen@...
      http://moshavband.com http://mexicalibluescafe.com

      ------- TUESDAY, OCT 24
      Tribeca Showcase of New Jewish Music & Comedy (and open mike), at the
      Synagogue for the Arts, 49 White St. (West of Broadway; 2 blocks
      below Canal St.) Stay tuned for more info, or call: 212-966-7141
      *NOTE: See Below

      ------- SATURDAY, OCT 29
      7:30pm Darfur Benefit Concert featuring Naqshon's Leap, raising funds
      to end the genocide against the people of Darfur, in Tenafly, NJ: at
      the JCC on the Palisades. Cost: $20; $10 Children or students. More
      info: 201-569-7900x204 http://myspace.com/naqshonsleap

      Have a great Shabbos and Shana Tova!

      Gili Houpt

      *NOTE: For all the above events so noted, the issue of Kol Isha may
      apply; consult your local Rabbinic authority for more info, and see
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