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Jewish Music for the Days of Awe!

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  • rebseth
    B H Shalom Friends! Jewish Music Continues! My friend and teacher Reb Gili Houpt has entrusted me with the important duty of letting you all know about the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 18, 2003
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      Shalom Friends!

      Jewish Music Continues! My friend and teacher Reb Gili Houpt has
      entrusted me with the important duty of letting you all know about
      the many musical events in our area. I am excited to work on these
      emails while Gili and his wife Chaya are away studying Torah in the
      Holy Land. (Gili is also busy running an email list for
      events happening in Eretz Yisrael-
      As always, this email list is a group effort. I would love your help
      too! Please contribute by sending me information on music events in
      the area. Please E-mail me at: RebSeth@... This Saturday night
      we begin the special selichos services(see bottom for some timely
      thoughts). As we prepare for the yamim noraim, the high holy days,
      the following are a number of upcoming events that promise to inspire:

      Tonight Thursday September 18th 9:30 PM
      Dan Cousins Band Birthday Concert.
      @The TANK 432 W. 42nd St. COVER: $5
      For more info: www.thetanknyc.com www.dancousins.com
      *NOTE: see below*

      Also, Thursday Sept. 18 @8pm John Zorn's Masada and Rashanim
      performs as part of John Zorn's month-long 50th Birthday Celebration.
      @Tonic 107 Norfolk St.(b/t Delancey & Rivington) For more info:

      Also tonight, Sept 18 at 10pm Matt Turk playing at Bitter End,
      147 Bleecker St (btwn. Thompson & LaGuardia). $5 cover. Matt sings,
      plays mandolin and guitar on a new CD: Mandolin Caravan's "Desert
      Soul," a collection of Jewish music expressing some of the diversity,
      joyous spirit, and lilting beauty of Israeli, Yemenite and Hassidic
      music. More info: call the club at 212.673.7030 or see

      Friday, Sept. 19 if you're in Queens for Shabbos: there will
      be a special Carlebach davening led by Rabbi Moshe Shur, from the
      Diaspora Yeshiva Band. At Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens
      Hills, 147-19 73rd Ave. For more info email RobertBarris1@...

      Saturday Night, September 20th @10pm Eli Kranzler will be
      leading his anual pre- selichos concert followed by selichos at HIR.
      This is always a truly inspiring event and not to be missed. In
      addition, his brand new CD- Ki Atoh Imadi- You Are With Me- will be
      on sale. Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, 3700 Henry Hudson Parkway.
      For more info: 718-796-4730

      Also, Sept. 20 @10pm a special concert with the Moshav Band.
      Drasha and Selichot to follow. @The Carlebach Shul, 305 West 79th
      Street (bet. West End/Riverside)
      Cost: $15 Members, $20 Non-Members For more info: 212 580 2391 or

      Also, Sept 20 at 10pm Golem playing klezmer rock at
      Makor, 35 W. 67th St. Cost: $12. For more info call 212-601-1000
      or see http://makor.org

      Sunday, September 21, 2-6pm Free concert at The 5th Annual
      Jewish Life Festival featuring Piamenta, the Jimmy Hendrix of Jewish
      Rock, and rapper-reggae star Matityahu, performing at Washington
      Square Park. This year they're expecting over 3,000 people.
      Additional attractions include Art Exhibition, Judaica Bazaar,
      Kosher Foods & Drinks, Rides, Games, Hands-On Workshops and much
      more. For more info, call Chabad at 212-674-1950 or see

      Also Sept. 21st at 9:00pm Blue Fringe + Moshav Band playing
      @Makor, 35 W67 St. Cost: $12. For more info call 212-601-1000 or
      see http://makor.org www.moshavband.com or www.bluefringe.com

      Also, September 21 @ 6pm DJ Anaan spins Hebraic hip hop Chants,
      some jay z and his grandparents' favorite Jewish records for TCI's
      Teen Project Ezra @ Galleries for Jewish Culture in Chelsea 515 West
      20th Street, 4E For more info:

      Monday Sept 22 @7:30pm Carlebach Shul "Birthday of the World"
      Jam! Celebrate the Birthday of the World with Torah and music.
      Lecture by Rabbi Naftali Citron, discussion groups, and a musical jam
      session. @The Carlebach Shul 305 West 79th Street(b/w West End and
      Riverside) Cost: $10 For more info: 212 580 2391 or email

      Tuesday, Sept. 23 @8 pm Isralight and WSIS invite you to a
      special evening of Inspiration and Preparation for the New Year.
      Songs and Stories with Rav Binny Freedman,Torah Thoughts and Insights
      from Rabbi Rafael Grossman, concluding with Slichot at10:30.
      @West Side Institutional Synangogue w. 76 St. New York
      For more info: www.isralight.org

      Tuesday, September 30 Maury Epstein playing with trumpeter
      Frank London at "67 Wine," 179 Columbus Ave. More info call 212-724-
      6767 and see http://www.mauryepstein.com and http://www.67wine.com
      !NOTE: The wine may not be strictly kosher: consult your local
      Rabbinic authority!

      !Stay Tuned...Coming soon....!
      Feast of the Leviathan: From Chassidic Reggae to Avant-Garde
      Psalms. Celebration of Jewish Art organized by the Mima'amakim
      Journal, featuring published poets and writers, as well as
      Mattissyahu (King of Chassidic Reggae) and THE SETH NADEL BAND(Jewish
      Folk Rockers), drum circle and open mic. October 13th, 7 pm at Makor,
      35 W 67th Street, $12 (complimentary copy of the journal included).
      This event is part of the Second Annual Daniel Pearl Music Day
      network. For more info: email feast@....

      This coming Sat. night Ashkenazic Jews begin the selichos service in
      preperation for the high holy days(Sephardic Jews began reciting
      selichos at the begining of the month of Elul). The selichos are
      prayers in which we ask for forgiveness as we approach the day of
      judgement. They are recited late at night or early in the morning,
      the time of the Divine attribute of mercy. The custom developed for
      Ashkenazic Jews to begin selichos at least 4 days before Rosh
      Hashana. The Mishna Berurah offers a symbolic answer to explain the
      need to start 4 days before. He notes that a korban, a sacrificial
      offering, was held, and checked for blemishes that would render it
      unfit to be sacrificed, at least 4 days before it would be offered.
      Just like that offering, we too require a period set a side for
      examination. This is the time of the year when we must introspect
      and check ourselves for blemishes, defects, and imperfections. With
      the right amount of soul searching, and commitment to grow, may we
      merit a teshuvah sheleimah, a complete return to the service of
      Good Shabbos! Chasivah V'Chasimah Tovah! Best wishes for a year full
      of joy and blessings!
      ~Seth Nadel

      *NOTE: For all the above events so notated, the issue of Kol Isha may
      be applicable; consult your local Rabbinic authority for more info*
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