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Yom Yerushalayim with Aaron Razel

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  • Gili Houpt
    Dear friends, Today is Yom Yerushalayim, commemorating the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. It marked the first time in two millennia that the holiest places
    Message 1 of 1 , May 30, 2003
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      Dear friends,

      Today is Yom Yerushalayim, commemorating the liberation of
      Jerusalem in 1967. It marked the first time in two millennia that
      the holiest places in the world were under Jewish control. At last
      night's packed concert at the Carleabch Shul, I played percussion
      for Aaron Razel, and it was such a special experience celebrating
      with the music from someone who grew up in Jerusalem. If you missed
      the show, you have 3 more chances to catch him before he goes back
      to Israel: tomorrow night, Sunday at the parade concert, and
      Wednesday night. See below for concert info and album review.

      Tonight, Friday May 30 at 7pm I'm going to be leading the
      services at Congregation Ramath Orah, 550 W110 St, between Broadway
      and Amsterdam. Davening there is very beautiful because hundreds of
      people are all singing together! For more information about the
      great events at this synagogue, call 212-222-2470 or see

      Also tonight, at 7:30pm a Carlebach style davening followed
      by a delicious home cooked Shabbos meal: Infusing the Spirit of
      Shabbat within the Stones of an Ancient Synagogue through Melody and
      Mystical Traditions. At the Chelsea Shul, 236 W23rd St, b/w 7th and
      8th Ave. FREE but donations are welcome. For more info call: 212-

      Also tonight, Gavriel Bellino hosts the new weekly Sab'einu
      minyan in NJ, starting the davening with musical instruments and
      then going a cappella. Weather permitting, it will be outside! For
      location (Teaneck/Bergenfield) and schedule email

      Also tonight in NJ, the new Carlebach Friday night minyan is
      starting in Passaic at 7pm. To kick off the first one, Yoni Gershon
      (accomplished recording artist and experienced Carlebach chazzan)
      will be leading the davening. For this week only, they will be
      joining the AISH Shabbaton, meeting in the chapel at the Ahavas.
      Stay tuned for the future permanent location. For more info, email
      Rebecca Friedman at carlebachnj-owner@yahoogroups.com or sign up
      online http://groups.yahoo.com/group/carlebachnj

      Tomorrow, Saturday, May 31 at 9:15am I'll be leading the
      davening and giving the dvar Torah at the Old Broadway Shul, the
      last synagogue left in Harlem, half-block east of Broadway between
      125 & 126 St. Followed by hot Kiddush! Then I'll be walking across
      the Park to the East Side to lead an Isralight Shalesheudos (3rd
      Shabbat meal) at 7:45pm with lots of singing, words of Torah, and
      good food. Then we'll close with a musical havdallah service at
      9pm. At 250 E73 St. #5E, btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave. All are welcome: no
      RSVP; just come on by!

      Also May 31 at 10:30 pm Congregation Aish Kodesh presents a
      special melaveh malkah in honor of the opening of the new men's
      mikvah, with Aron Razel (unplugged). Last-minute special guest:
      Ruby Harris on the violin. Men and women welcome, and admission is
      free. For more info, call the shul at 516-374-8596 or see

      Sunday, June 1, 11am-4pm over 100,000 people are expected to
      march in the Salute to Israel Parade, rain or shine, up Fifth Avenue
      from 57 St to 79 St. There are lots of great bands on floats,
      school choirs, and even marching bands. It looks like I'll be with
      the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies: look for me and
      Remez bandmate Seth Nadel playing guitar and leading the kids in
      some spiritually charged singing. (I was going to try rollerblading
      while playing guitar, but my wife nixed that idea -- we know who's
      the smart one in this family!) Check out the full list of
      performers at http://www.salutetoisrael.com

      Also June 1, 3-6 PM the parade culminates with an incredible
      FREE concert in Central Park, in the East Meadow, entrance at 97th
      St. & Fifth Ave. Rain or shine. Featuring: Aaron Razel, Avraham
      Rosenblum & Diaspora, Yossi Piamenta, Ira Heller, Soulfarm, Yehuda,
      Hamsa, Emes, and Shalhevet. Of course I'll be in front of the stage
      getting everybody to dance. And as usual, Nachum Segal will be MC --
      for those living in a cave, Nachum is the host of an amazing daily
      radio program featuring lots of great Jewish music: 6-9am on 91.1 FM
      or http://www.jmintheam.org

      Also June 1, at 1:30PM and 3PM, Tonic's weekly Klezmer
      Brunch features Alicia Svigals (founder of the klezmer bands
      Klezmatics & Mikveh) with Pete Rushefsky (leading revivalist of the
      tsimbl), playing sizzling traditional and innovative Jewish music
      for violin and hammered dulcimer. Cost: $10 each set or $15 for
      both. The bar is located above the former Kedem winery at 107
      Norfolk St (btwn Rivington and Delancey, near F train) and can be
      reached at 212-358-7503 or http://www.tonic107.com and see
      http://www.aliciasvigals.com !NOTE: The food at Tonic may not be
      strictly kosher: consult your local Rabbinic authority!

      Tuesday, June 3 at 10pm, local artists showcase at Makor, 35
      W. 67th St. Featuring Matt Turk, Brian Gelfand, and others. Cost:
      $12 For more info call 212.601.1000 or see http://makor.org *NOTE:
      see below*

      Wednesday, June 4 at 7:30pm Aaron Razel at the Millinery
      Centre Synagogue, 1025 6th Avenue at 38th St. With opening band
      Gideon Sword. Cost: 12$ For more info call the shul at 212-921-
      1580 and see album review below. If you want to book any concerts
      with Aaron Razel this week before he goes back to Israel, contact me
      asap: just reply to this message or call 917-331-0682. Check out

      Also June 4, Elem benefit concert to help Israeli Youth in
      Distress, in memory of bomb victim Marla Bennet. Doors open at
      6:30PM; Program starts at 7PM. Starring C Lanzbom and Noah Solomon
      of Soulfarm, and Neshama Carlebach. At Central Synagogue, Lexington
      Avenue at 55th St. Keynote Speaker: Israeli Consul General
      Ambassador Alon Pinkus, and others. Tickets: $150; $75 for non-
      profit workers; $54 for students (inlcudes kosher buffet &
      cocktails). Only a few tickets left!!! For more info, call 212-787-
      3337 and see the flyer at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NYCJewishMusic/files/events and see
      http://neshamacarlebach.com and http://soulfarm.net *NOTE: see

      Also June 4 at 7pm gala concert featuring the greats of
      Yiddish music and the all star Klezmer orchestra, a fundraiser for
      Folksbiene, the only professional Yiddish theater in America. At
      92nd Street Y, Lexington Ave & E92 St. Tickets begin at $75. For
      more info call 212-213-2120 or see http://www.folksbiene.org *NOTE:
      see below*

      Thursday June 5 is Shavuos and there is a custom of staying
      up all night learning to commemorate receiving the Torah. If you're
      on the Upper West Side for the holiday, Isralight is having an all-
      night learning/singing/storytelling 'Tish' with Rav Binny Freedman,
      beginning at 11Pm over coffee and cake, at WSIS, 120 W76 St. For
      more info call 917-543-3575 and see http://isralight.org

      If you want to go to Philadelphia for the holiday, join the
      Mottle and Basya Wolfe, along with Isralight teachers for an all
      night singing and learning. As the sun rises Shavuot morning there
      will be a spirited davening, and Saturday night unbelievable Malaveh
      Malke Kumsitz. Housing is available and all meals are included.
      The only thing missing is you. Cost is free, but register by June
      2. Call 610-664-1030 and see the flyer at

      Friday, June 6 at 8:15 I'll be leading the davening at Aish
      Hatorah, W83 St between West End and Riverside. Special Kabbalat
      Shabbat at 9pm as we move from the holiness of Shavuot to the added
      holiness of Shabbat.

      Sunday, June 8, I'll be leading a sunset kumsitz from the
      Appalachian trail overlooking the Hudson River, across from Bear
      Mountain. There's a moderate hike with the Jewish Outdoors Club at
      2:30pm (cars will leave from the Bagel Basket, Broadway and 89th),
      or you can just meet us at the top for the kumsitz at 7:30pm. The
      event is free, unless you're coming with us on the hike and need to
      chip in for a ride (about $7 to reimburse drivers). Please sign up
      so we can get an idea how many cars are needed: email me with your
      name, whether or not you have a car, and if you're coming on the
      hike or just the kumsitz. For directions and other info see

      Also June 8, at noon, Yale Strom performs at the 19th Annual
      Holocaust Gathering in the Holocaust Memorial Park, at the edge of
      Sheepshead Bay. For more info contact Pauline Bilus 718-934-4790 or
      Bilus36 @...

      Also June 8, noon-5PM: Fourth Annual CNY Klezmer Fest, in
      Clinton Square, Syracuse. Youth participatory segment 10AM-noon.
      FREE Admission! Vendor items and Kosher food for sale. Scheduled
      performers are local favorites the Keyna Hora Band and Klezmercuse,
      along with the Catskill Klezmorim and the Kling-On Klezmer Band, and
      more. For info, call Sid Lipton at 315-682-8489 or see

      Also June 8 at 3pm, as part of their Legacy in Music Series,
      Temple Israel Center of White Plains announces The Klezmer All Star
      Concert. Featuring: Alicia Svigals, Ken Maltz, Henry Sapoznik, Sy
      Kushner, Jeff Warschauer and Marty Confurius. For tickets and
      directions (40 minutes north of Manhattan) call 914-948-2800.

      Wednesday, June 11 at 8pm is the benefit for the Jerusalem
      Camp, which sets up a kosher kitchen each year at the Rainbow
      Gathering feeding thousands of searching souls both physically and
      spiritually. At the Opaline, 35 avenue A in Manhattan. First, a
      film will be shown of the Rainbow Gathering, and then the music will
      start at 9:30 with the 13th Tribe, reggae singer Mattisyahu, Rav
      Shmuel Skaist, The Iration Squad. The show will be followed by a
      late night drum circle and acoustic jam with reggae great Rocker T.
      Cost: $12. For more info email Emunah613@... and see

      Check out the Blueprint newspaper for lots of great listings
      of music and other events. This month's issue (June), in the back
      page column "The Last Word," features an article I wrote about my
      experiences spending Passover in Minsk. Pick it up free at Jewish
      hang-outs all over the city, or see events online

      *NOTE: For all the above events so notated, the issue of Kol Isha
      may be applicable; consult your local Rabbinic authority for more

      Jewish Music Album of the Week: the all-Hebrew 'Zman
      Hageulah' (Redemption Time) is Aaron Razel's third album of original
      Jewish music. Classical trained and currently a sensation in
      Israel, Aaron is just breaking into the American scene, as he
      continues to develop a unique sound with catchy jazz-tinged
      melodies. Starting right off with the title track, the beautiful
      original lyrics (see below) tell of a future time of redemption that
      is really up to us. The soulful 'Esa Einai' is a perfect contrast
      to "Bsimcha Tamid' where he really rocks out. 'Kachalom Yauf' is
      the most beautiful rendition I've ever heard of the famous prayer
      from the High Holidays. Every track is like seeing another
      sparkling face of this diamond of a musician. To get the album,
      check him out this weekend or Wednesday night (see above), and see
      his (outdated) website for more info: http://listen.to/razel -- I'll
      leave you with an excerpt of the lyrics (translation mine)

      Loving all humanity
      is not up to Heaven
      but within each of us
      A man has but one heart
      If we use it for hatred
      Then what will we use for love

      Have a great Yom Yerushalayim and holy Shabbos!

      Gili Houpt
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