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Saturday night concerts with my band Remez

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  • Gili Houpt <houpt@ymail.yu.edu>
    Dear friends, I ve got a musically busy weekend coming up: from being the chazan in shul, to leading a shalesheudos program, from an appearance with my band
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2003
      Dear friends,

      I've got a musically busy weekend coming up: from being the
      chazan in shul, to leading a shalesheudos program, from an
      appearance with my band Remez Saturday night, to performing at the
      Carlebach Shul Sunday morning. Hope to see you at one of these!

      Tonight, Friday, Jan 10, at 4:35pm, I will be leading the
      Friday night service with lots of tunes, at Congregation Ramath
      Orah, 550 W110 St. It's a really inspiring way to start off Shabbos
      to experience the entire shul singing together. For more info on
      all the great programs at the shul, call during the week: 212-222-
      2470 or see http://www.ramathorah.org

      Also January 10 if you're in the Five Towns for Shabbos, The
      Kalover Rebbe, shlit'a, will be visiting Woodmere and leading a
      tisch at 8:30pm at Congregation Aish Kodesh, 353 Woodmere Blvd. The
      tisch will feature singing and dancing, and words of inspiration
      from the Rebbe (not to mention chulent and kugel) and is open to men
      and women. For more info call the shul at 516-374-8596 or see

      Also January 10-11 if you're in Rockland County for Shabbos,
      there is a special Shabbaton going on in Wesley Hills featuring
      Rabbi Simon Jacobson from the Meaningful Life Center, speaking on
      the theme of "Think Good and it will Be Good" at L'Chaim Manor, in
      the Wesley Kosher Shopping Center. All are invited for the davening
      with lots of singing Carlebach style: Mincha/Kabbolas Shabbos 4:30
      PM Friday. Oneg Shabbat 7:30 PM. Saturday Shachris 9am followed by
      Kiddush. Mincha/ Shalosh Seudos 4:40pm. Havdala/ Kiddush Levana

      Saturday, January 11, 9:15am I'll be reading the Torah,
      leading the davening and giving the drasha, at the Old Broadway
      Shul, 15 Old Broadway, between Broadway and Amsterdam, one half
      block north of 125th street. Great hot Kiddush following services!
      Check out all the upcoming events at

      Then Saturday afternoon 4:30-6pm I'll be leading a
      shalesheudos program (3rd Shabbos meal) for Isralight, this week at
      the home of Steven Alevy, #5E in the Columbia apartment building,
      275 W96th St. (at the northwest corner of Broadway). Join us for
      good food, words of Torah, and of course some incredible singing.
      Then we'll bring Shabbos out with a musical havdallah service. No
      reservation necessary -- just show up, and bring your voice!

      And Saturday night, 9:15pm my band Remez will be performing
      a few songs. Other featured musicians: Avi Kunstler, Yitchak
      Halevi, Richard Borah, hosted by comedian Reuven Russel. At Noah's
      Ark deli restaurant in Teaneck, NJ, at 493 Cedar Lane. Dinner at
      8pm; concert 9-11pm. $15 cover in advance ($20 at the door); $12
      minimum food order. Reservations: 201.692.1200 x61 or

      Also January 11 at 8:30PM, Oneg Shemesh in a night of song
      and Dance at the Carlebach Shul, 305 W79 St, between West End &
      Riverside Dr. With special guest, all the way from Chicago,
      violinist Ruby Harris, original member of the Diaspora Yeshiva
      Band. Cost: $15 ($10 Students). Bring Your friends and your
      positive vibrations. http://www.onegshemesh.com

      Also January 11 at 8PM, Pey Dalid is performing for a melave
      malka at the Jewish Enrichment Center, 176 Madison Ave b/t 33rd and
      34th. Special sendoff goodbye party for David Rothman who is going
      to yeshiva in Israel. $10 admission (includes beer and snacks) goes
      towards Victims of Terror. Bring an instrument!!! For more info
      call the JEC at 212.889.5532 or see http://www.peydalid.com

      Also January 11 7:30 pm, Divahn, Middle Eastern and
      Sephardic Jewish Music, at East Midwood Jewish Center, 1625 Ocean
      Avenue, in Brooklyn. Advanced: $25 (student $10); $30 at the door.
      Appetizers and desserts served. For more info, call Edith at 718-
      338-3800 or see http://www.divahn.com !PLEASE NOTE: The issue of
      Kol Isha may be applicable here; consult your local Rabbinic

      Sunday morning, January 12 the Carlebach Shul (305 W79 St)
      features a special expanded version of their weekly Sunday
      Institute, featuring a workshop on Tefillin for beginners and
      others, at 8:15pm. Then at 8:30 I'll be leading the davening with
      lots of singing. At 9:30 Reuven will be leading a siyum and
      sponsoring brunch. At 11am is the weekly Carlebach Yeshiva with a
      video of Reb Shlomo. Then at 12:30pm open concert: bring your
      instruments. For more info, email fbutc@...

      Also Jan 12, 3:30-5:30pm Westchester Day School is having a
      family fundraising concert, featuring the Hamsa Boys, at Albert
      Leonard High School in New Rochelle. Tickets are $18 before Sunday
      and $25 at the door. For info and possibly a free ride, contact
      Pninit at 212-866-2763 or Sweetp25ny@... and see

      Thursday, Jan. 16, 8pm Asefa performing at Makor, 35 W67
      St. Led by Samuel Thomas, Asefa is part of his project Jewish
      Awareness Through Music, to "gather" music from the Jewish World,
      balancing tradition with innovation, whether reviving a classic
      Sephardic song or driving through an original composition, with
      songs in Ladino, Arabic, Hebrew, and English. Look for some funky
      double-oud stuff this time! $12. More info, call 212-601-1000 or
      see http://www.jatm.org

      Friday night, Jan 17 is Tu B'Shvat, Jewish New Year for the
      trees. The Carlebach Shul is having a special Friday night dinner
      with a Tu B'Shvat seder: festive songs, storytelling, and fruit
      platters. Cost: $30 in advance -- call the shul at 212-580-2391

      If you hear of any other music events for Tu B'Shvat, please
      let me know by next Thursday so I can include it in next week's
      list -- just reply to this message

      Saturday, January 18, we're rockin up Noah's Ark a second
      time (see info above for Jan 11). Same lineup, but this time my
      band Remez will be joined by the legendary fiddler Ruby Harris,
      founding member of Diaspora Yeshiva Band.

      Also Jan 18 at 8:30pm Tu B'Shvat Melave Malka at the Hebrew
      Institue of Riverdale. Join with Uri & Dahlia Topolosky for a holy
      night of singing and words of Torah under candlelight, as we
      continue to celebrate and wish Happy New Year to our beautiful
      trees! BYOF & BYOI (Bring your own fruit and instruments!) For
      more info: uritop@...

      Also Jan 18 at 8:15pm, concert at Young Israel of The West
      Side, 210 West 91st b/w Amsterdam & Broadway, with C Lanzbom & Noah
      Solomon of Soulfarm, and Bsamim. Tickets available at the door
      first come first served: $12. To reserve in advance call: 212-787-
      7513. Refreshments available. More info: see http://www.bsamim.com
      and http://www.yiws.shuls.net

      Also Jan 18 11pm-2am The Late Night Bluegrass Jam with
      Citigrass at The Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard St. This urban
      bluegrass band is 80% Jewish, including Noah Solomon (of the band
      Soulfarm) on vocals and mandolin. Admission: free. More info: call
      the club at 212-219-3006 or see http://www.citigrass.com

      Sunday, January 19, 8:30 pm, The Jason Caplan Quartet
      celebrating Tu B'Shevat at The Triad Theatre, 158 W72 St, between
      Broadway and Amsterdam. Check out the highly original Jewish
      bluegrass, funk, and rock of the JCQ's spiritual, improvisational
      sound, and be part of this unique experience. They're breakn'
      the banjo, and the four-part harmony! The show is dedicated to the
      life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. $5 cover, 2 drink
      minimum. More info, call the club at 212-362-2590 or see

      Also Jan 19 at 8pm the Klezmer Conservatory Band performing
      at the Forest Hills Jewish Center, 106-06 Queens Blvd. Part of
      their Jewish music concert series: Winter Festival 2003. Tickets:
      $30, $45. For more info, call 718-263-7000 !PLEASE NOTE: The issue
      of Kol Isha may be applicable here; consult your local Rabbinic

      Saturday night, January 25, Cafe Tif with comedian Mike
      Rosman and music by my bandmate Seth Nadel. $25 in advance, $30 at
      the door, includes buffet. At Tifereth Israel, 180 Passaic Ave. in
      Passaic, NJ. For more info: call Ray Rosenblatt or email

      Jewish Music Album of the Week: "In this Place of Mercy"
      with singer/songwriter Avi Kunstler, is a great mix of original
      Jewish folk songs in both Hebrew and English. On the album he does
      vocals, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, and his sons sing backup.
      There's the stirring lyrics of "Twist of Faith" written for the play
      by that name, and "Here on this Mountain," a song about Jerusalem,
      from the follow-up play "Second Chances," in both of which Avi
      performs live. I particularly like his tunes for Lecha Dodi and
      Hamavdil, and also "The Siyum" a beautifully moving song about the
      true story of a Holocaust survivor. Check out Avi Kunstler live the
      next two Saturday nights at Noah's Ark in Teaneck. For info on
      getting the CD, email avisongs@... or call Aderet Music at 877-4-
      ADERET or see http://www.aderet.com/albumdetails.asp?albumid=2829

      This Saturday night, if it's not too cloudy, upon leaving
      the synagogue we engage in a seemingly bizarre monthly recurring
      ritual: kidush levana – the sanctification of the new moon. We
      special prayers while singing and dancing under the tiny sliver of
      the moon, because this is the only astronomical body that goes
      through a regular period of change, and as such it is a metaphor for
      our ability to shape our own destiny. It is no accident that we
      read in this week's Torah portion of the first commandment given
      the Jewish people, that of creating a national calendar based on the
      lunar cycle (with season's adjusted to the sun), because the
      people, like the moon, do not remain constant, but are in a constant
      state of flex, continually going through cycles of decline followed
      by ascendancy. May we be blessed to grab this opportunity of the
      new month and pave the way for our Final Redemption bring World

      Have a great Shabbos!

      Gili Houpt
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