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Jewish music back from Florida

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  • Gili Houpt <houpt@ymail.yu.edu>
    Dear friends, I just got back from the Isralight Retreat near Orlando, an incredible week of experiencing the spirituality of Judaism in a beautiful natural
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2003
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      Dear friends,

      I just got back from the Isralight Retreat near Orlando, an
      incredible week of experiencing the spirituality of Judaism in a
      beautiful natural setting, with over a hundred Jews of all ages and
      backgrounds. Don't be left out in the cold for the next one on Feb
      16. You can email me if you have any questions (just reply to this
      email), or check it out online http://www.isralight.org

      Tonight, Friday, Jan 3, at 4:30pm, I will be leading the
      Kabbalas Shabbos service with lots of singing at Congregation Ramath
      Orah, 550 W110 St. It's a really inspiring way to start off Shabbos
      to experience the entire shul participating in the davening. For
      more info on all the great programs at the shul, call during the
      week: 212-222-2470 or see http://www.ramathorah.org

      Saturday Night Jan. 4 at 10pm Rav Shmuel (Skaist, formerly
      of the Bartlebees, and before that the band Gefilte Fish) is playing
      at Sidewalk Cafe, corner of Ave A & 6th St. in the East Village.
      Well over 200 people showed up at his last show, including special
      guest musicians jamming for over 2 hours! More info:

      Also Jan 4 at 8pm Congregation Aish Kodesh is having a
      melaveh malka, featuring the Havdala Band. Singing and dancing to
      the tunes of Reb. Shlomo Carlebach. Boys and girls, men and women
      are invited. Admission is free. The shul is at 353 Woodmere Blvd.
      (one block from the Woodmere stop on the LIRR). For more info call
      the shul at 516-374-8596 or see http://aishkodesh.org

      Tuesday, Jan 7 7-10pm, Isralight's weekly experience
      featuring dynamic Torah classes and an extended Jewish music kumsitz
      jam. At WSIS, 120 W76 St. Food catered by Darna. Bring
      instruments!! Cost: $10 ($5 Students) More info:

      Wednesday, January 8 at 7pm Jewish Music Showcase at Makor,
      35 W67 St. Featuring Divahn, C Lanzbom & Noah Solomon, and Klezmer
      Mountain Boys. Cost: $15 More info, call 212-601-1000 or see
      http://makor.org !PLEASE NOTE: The issue of Kol Isha may be
      applicable at some of these performances; consult your local
      Rabbinic authority!

      Thursday, January 9 – Sunday, January 12 is Edenfest II: Get
      Back to the Garden ... Winter Style. Join other adventurous Jewish
      professionals (singles & couples) in their 20's and 30's, for
      taste of "Winter Wonderland" in the Poconos, featuring
      jamming & performances around the fire, Snow-tubing under the Stars,
      Snow-mobiling and/or Horseback riding (depending on weather
      conditions), spiritual Shabbat-in-the-wilderness with class options
      on Jewish wisdom, emphasizing the soul, reincarnation, & the
      hereafter. Special feature for Singles: matchmaker available to
      hear what you're looking for. COST: $225! [includes up to 4
      & 4 days, all food, all activities, showers and other facilities,
      etc. Limited subsidies are available and the cost can be paid off
      over time]. Contact Vanessa Bowman at 215-546-8677 or

      Friday, January 10 The Kalover Rebbe, shlit'a, will be
      visiting Congregation Aish Kodesh and leading a tisch at the shul
      Friday night. For more info call the shul at 516-374-8596 or see

      Saturdays, January 11 & 18, I will be performing along with
      other musicians at Noah's Ark deli restaurant in Teaneck, NJ, at 493
      Cedar Lane. Dinner at 8pm; 9pm show. Featuring: AVI KUNSTLER,
      YITZCHAK HALEVI, Richard Borah, and my band Remez, all acoustic,
      hosted by comedian REUVEN RUSSELL. $15 cover in advance ($20 at the
      door); $12 minimum food. Reservations: 201.692.1200 ext.61 or

      Also January 11 at 8:30PM, Oneg Shemesh in a night of song
      and Dance at the Carlebach Shul, 305 W79 St, between West End &
      Riverside Dr. With special guest, all the way from Chicago,
      violinist Ruby Harris, original member of the Diaspora Yeshiva
      Band. Cost: $15 ($10 Students). Bring Your friends and your
      positive vibrations. http://www.onegshemesh.com

      Also January 11 7:30 pm, Divahn, Middle Eastern and
      Sephardic Jewish Music, at East Midwood Jewish Center, 1625 Ocean
      Avenue, in Brooklyn. Advanced: $25 (student $10); $30 at the door.
      Appetizers and desserts served. For more info, call Edith at 718-
      338-3800 or see http://www.divahn.com !PLEASE NOTE: The issue of
      Kol Isha may be applicable here; consult your local Rabbinic

      Sunday morning, January 12 the Carlebach Shul features a
      special expanded version of their weekly Sunday Institute, featuring
      a workshop on Tefillin for beginners and others, at 8:15pm. Then at
      8:30 I'll be leading the davening with lots of singing. At 9:30
      Reuven will be leading a siyum and sponsoring brunch. At 11am is
      the Carlebach Yeshiva with a video of Reb Shlomo. Then at 12:30pm
      open concert: bring your instruments. For more info, email

      Friday-Saturday, January 17-18 Queens Jewish Events invites
      Orthodox Singles to a special Tu B'Shvat Shabbat program at
      Congregation Etz Chaim of Kew Gardens Hills. Features guest speaker
      Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum of Midreshet Be'erot Bat Ayin and
      Rabbi Rosenberg leading the great zemiros at all Shabbat meals and
      Saturday Night event (especially the special songs for Tu B'Shvat
      seder at Seudat Shlishit). Cost: $75. Housing available. Ages 24-
      33. My brother and sister-in-law are putting this event together,
      so contact Dani & Racquel Houpt at 718-459-8876 or

      Saturday, January 18 at 8:15pm, concert at Young Israel of
      The West Side, 210 West 91st b/w Amsterdam & Broadway, with C
      Lanzbom & Noah Solomon of Soulfarm, and Bsamim. Tickets available
      at the door first come first served: $12. To reserve in advance
      call: 212-787-7513. Refreshments available. More info: see
      http://www.bsamim.com and http://www.yiws.shuls.net

      Have a great Shabbos!

      Gili Houpt
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