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Urgent: Your Help Needed NOW!

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    U RGENT ACTION ITEM: http://TinyURL.com/SaveChileanSeed (English), http://TinyURL.com/SalvaSemillasChileno (Spanish) . Chile s Senate is facing the opportunity
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2013
      URGENT ACTION ITEM: http://TinyURL.com/SaveChileanSeed (English),http://TinyURL.com/SalvaSemillasChileno (Spanish)
      Chile's Senate is facing the opportunity to say NO! to the Monsanto Law which will bring Chilean Agriculture into the globalist fold - forever, since the law can not be repealed once passed (thanks, globalists!  another little anti democracy gift!)
      Right now, you are eating a lot of Chilean food in North America, whether you know it or not.  And right now, that food cannot be GMO.  But if the Senate passes the law before it (which could happen as early as tomorrow) that will change and your food will be GMO while Chile's society is consumed by the globalists.
      You can tell Chile's decision makers that the world is watching and add your voice to the nearly 2 million emails generated by this vital Action Item.
      I am asking you to 
      1. Take this Action Item once for each member of your family
      2. Send it widely to the people in your circle and ask them to take it for their family members and then send it along.
      Thank you in advance for your prompt activism.
      Yours in health and freedom,
      Dr. Rima

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