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SOS***Please take action for the sake of children everywhere

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  • Marsha
    (((IMPORTANT)))) Please see the message & action alert below which begins Dear Patriot Nurse. It is important so please review it & do your part to help out
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2012
      (((IMPORTANT)))) Please see the message & action alert below which begins Dear Patriot Nurse. It is important so please review it & do your part to help out for the sake of all children everywhere.

      I hope many of you have Face Book accounts so you can see what's going on by viewing this brave woman's Face Book wall. Even if you don't you can still take part by going to the other two links in this post.

      Patriot Nurse writes this on her FB wall;

      "To my friends: A certain branch of the Pro-Vaccine folks have decided to engage in intimidation tactics. My employer was contacted and attempts have been made to effect the loss of my job. I will be posting a video later this week with more of an update. I would appreciate your prayers."

      Please like her page & support her;


      Here's her video going viral like a good virus causing a great storm;


      Dear Patriot Nurse,

      Thank you so much for stepping up to be our voice. You are in good company as many heroes are there with you. Too many to begin naming as I wouldn't want to leave one out.

      I'm asking your friends & supporters to also step up by going to this bogus article of deception to defend you & the wise stance you take for the sake of all children;


      If anyone has more articles or sites going against Patriot Nurse please add the links to the comment section here & I will post them to our many groups of parents & activists.

      Not only is it important to defend her, it's important we take each opportunity to defend children every time they arise. We don't do it for the hard core beLIEvers in vaccines. We do it for those watching so they can make informed decision. If our effort to do battle saves even one child it's well worth the time to get in there & fight so truth dominates instead of misconception.

      I say battle because it feels that way. They are quick to attack us as individuals & they are organized at many of these sites & articles because they are dedicated for whatever their reasons. Some are sincerely fooled. Some are paid to deceive. We are many & they are few. The more of us who realize the importance of our burying them in their own noise & deception the quicker we get to where we need be.

      The good news is that we are winning this information war on vaccines. It shows in the public forum. I know because it's my job to know & alert you to where you are needed.
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