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Re: [NY-Vaccine-Strategy-Forum] Re: school vaccine programs

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  • tammie k
    Thank you, that answered my question completely. ________________________________ From: Roy Jaruk To:
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      Thank you, that answered my question completely.

      From: Roy Jaruk <royjaruk@...>
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      I  don't know if Julia can explain it, but I'll take a shot at it.
      Long story short: the states and the Feds require that infants, toddlers and small children receive upwards of two dozen different inoculations before they will allow them to partake of a public school education. There are forms in most states that will exempt the kids from these required vaccinations, but the states go out of their way to conceal the existence of these exemption forms. There are two acceptable (in the legal sense) excuses for not getting the kids shot too full of way too many vaccines way too fast: it's again your religion, or the kid has a history of adverse reactions to a vaccine or vaccines.
      The "adverse reactions" can range from dangerously high fevers to damage to the child's physiology, immune system or brain. The measles vaccine, administered separately or as one of the three components of the one-shot-hurts- all MMR vaccine, seems to be the biggest culprit. I've spoken to upwards of fifty parents whose kids were mained by the measles vaccines and turned autistic, including my own son. The "special ed expenses" she referred to are the costs of schools hiring the special ed teachers, teachers' aides, therapists in several disciplines; and the counties funding the Early Intervention program and the home-visiting therapists that the autistic children need if they are to have even a prayer of ever approaching normal kinds of behavior.
      When the Army hits its recruits with a battery of more than a dozen vaccines at once during Basic Training, they can count on a couple of recruits from each training  company having a bad reaction to one or more of them. These poor devils end up in the base hospital in tubs of ice to keep them from burning out their brains. Children with comparatively undeveloped immune systems are subjected to the same risk when they get shots, and the odds of a bad reaction are squared or cubed when they get more than one at a time. Big Pharma has the Congress in its pocket and has gotten laws passed mandating these shots; the program which supposedly was put in place "for our own good" is in reality nothing but a cash cow for the vaccine makers who contribute heavily to polticians' campaigns and political parties. But part of the price of maintaining that cash cow is the maiming of 1 in 150 female children and upwards of 1 in 57 male children, usually turning them autistic. This is up from no females and 1 in 25,000 males forty years ago.
      The autism epidemic is a holocaust inflicted on the children of the developed world by greedy drug companies and complaisant governments. Even with laws like the ones George W. Bush got passed that prevent Big Pharma from being sued by the parents whose children have been harmed by the vaccines, Big Pharma dares not admit the evil they did in the name of profits. All of us pay for their greed in the form of higher taxes, fleets of Little Yellow Buses, special ed. ghettos in the schools for the poor kids harmed by the vaccine-happy doctors, and ongoing social service expenses when the kids grow up and cannot find a place in society because of what was done to them.
      I hope this answers your question.
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      From: tammie k
      Sent: Friday, December 04, 2009 9:24 AM
      Subject: Re: [NY-Vaccine- Strategy- Forum] Re: school vaccine programs


      Can you please explain  
       "Of course, after ward they get to deal with all the special ed expenses that result from these
      Schools ar getting paid for vaccine clinics. I do not know how much BUT parents and  nurses need to wake up!

      From: Julia <jw4994@embarqmail. com>
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      Subject: [NY-Vaccine- Strategy- Forum] Re: school vaccine programs


      I don't know about the flu vaccine, but it is not a secret that public
      schools get money from the feds in general for vaccinated children.
      Our son's middle school principal freely admitted it, but said he
      didn't know the details (how much per kid, is there a threshold above
      which the schools get the money, is it for only fully vaccinated kids,
      etc.) I guess he really didn't know, but certainly school board
      members would know it, and I think this should be public knowledge.
      This is why the schools push it so hard. Of course, after ward they
      get to deal with all the special ed expenses that result from these


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