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Re: Cascade Coursing Club AKC tests (JC & QC) and Trials April 30th,

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  • Cheryl Myatt
    Gisela, The non-refunding of monies doesn t seem right to me either. Am not too sure about the QC as I was starting lure coursing before it became effective.
    Message 1 of 46 , May 1, 2011

      The non-refunding of monies doesn't seem right to me either. Am not
      too sure about the QC as I was starting lure coursing before it became
      effective. My girls have their JC's and have run with others, not sure
      that is enough. If I can find out, and can get some weight off one of
      they might run. Salukis--similar running style.

      Contact me privately if you will be going to a course in the future.

    • Leanne H
      How has this become pile up on Gisele? She asked some valid questions, stated facts and did not blame anyone. The list’s responses to her were more critical
      Message 46 of 46 , May 2, 2011

        How has this become pile up on Gisele? She asked some valid questions, stated facts and did not blame anyone. The list’s responses to her were more critical than her post.


        Whether or not CCC refunded the money, if they told her they wouldn’t but then changed their minds and she hasn’t received a check back yet, how would she know that?


        It’s no wonder we have a hard time finding new people to participate in dog activities.


        As for piling on CCC…there’s probably some history there.




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        Ok, I usually do not respond to these types of emails, but since it seems a lot of mud has been thrown (I think unfairly) at the CCC, let me add my two cents.  

        First of all Gisela ~

        If you have not already done so, go out and purchase a book called "Sighthounds Afield" by Denise Como, who is to lure coursing what Mohammad Ali was to boxing ...

        This definitive bible would (in my opinion) be a good place to begin.

        Second, stop blaming everyone for events outside of anyone's control but the judge.  That is the thing about showing animals in any event, conformation, rally, coursing, QC tests.  It comes down to the judges' SUBJECTIVE OPINION of the rules and regulations.  Some judges will let you QC kennel mates together, others will not.  Some will let you QC two dogs at one time in one QC test with one by-dog, others will not.  The rules themselves leave a lot to be desired (as it is with any rule, law, or regulation) they are subject to interpretation, and great minds will always differ on what that interpretation would be.  If you are unable, unwilling or inflexible to this one true thing, then perhaps you should rethink competition.  Competition is really about showing up, showing good sportsmanship whether you win or lose, and understanding that not everything will ever go according to plan.  

        I also agree that the important thing is that the by-dog run at least the same speed (or relatively close in speed to your dog).  I learned this the hard way last year when the by-dog I was using was clearly outrun by my dog, and the judge would not give me a QC.  I had to run my dog again, who was then tired and cranky, with his kennel mate, and when my tired dog interfered with the kennel mate, both dogs were excused without their QC tests.  No one's fault, but I learned a lot at the trial. 

        I know CCC will return your fees, not sure how you got the opinion they would not, as they are an outstanding club, and run several trials and practices year round.  The folks up there know what they are doing, and I think that your frustration (at least the tone of your email suggests a frustration that is possibly misdirected at the club and possibly was vented because you really did want to go run your dog and took that out on the club).  Be careful there, not taking responsibility for your end of the bargain will not endear you to others, nor make others reach out to offer to mentor you and your hound. 

        In the end, it seems that this is about money, not what is best for the dog, or for you as a handler.  I could be mistaken, and my opinion is just that, an opinion, like all the others posted here, but if I were you, I'd contact the nearest Afghan breeder or club to you and find out who they know that runs hounds up your way.  Your dog needs to run with others of different breeds before a QC test, because you need to understand whether the dog is predisposed to playing with another hound, showing aggression when overrun, or is easily intimidated by other hounds.  A QC test is not the place to find that out. 

        I had run my two Borzoi for 2 years prior to my QC experience last year, and have owned horses and dogs (and competed with same) for over 20 years.  Nothing prepares you for what those dogs (or any animal  for that matter) will do on the day of competition, and during a QC, you are wired to have them pass so that you can enter trials.  The dog understands the subtle (or not) difference in the way you handle on a trial day then the way you do at practice and if you haven't already worked all the kinks out, this change alone can spell disaster or at the best, an excused hound. 

        Should you wish to speak to me more about preparing a hound to run, trial expectations and the like, please feel free to respond to this post.  I know Afghan owners down in Oregon and in the Portland area who work together all the time to build majors and run their hounds. 

        Just remember, at the end of the day, we need to keep our egos out of this, and just let the dogs run and have fun - doing what they were bred to do. 

        best regards,

        Christine Phillips
        Valkyrie Borzoi - Oregon 


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        Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 09:24:21 -0700
        Subject: Re: [NW_LureCoursingChat] Re: Cascade Coursing Club AKC tests (JC & QC) and Trials April 30th,



        So, once again, since I joined this list to learn more about coursing, I have several questions that I hope someone will answer for me..


        Several weeks ago I posted that I was in need for a by-dog for my Afghan for the QC and found a very nice lady who offered her Rhodesian Ridgeback for this purpose.  After several people have told me that they have seen Afghans run in the QC with RR, I sent in my entries.   2 days before the trial I found out from the trial secretary that this would not be acceptable, a RR has a different running style than an Afghan, and I couldn't run the RR as by-dog.  So once again I couldn't enter the trial since I didn't have time enough to find a different by-dog, and also forfeited all the entry fees. So I was wondering if there is a list somewhere stating which dogs are acceptable to run with Afghans, since I don't want to run into this problem again, or is this something that varies with the differenct clubs and/or judges? It is just way too expensive with gas, lodging, food and boarding for the dogs who have to stay home for me to go to a trial just on the chance that there MIGHT be someone there to run with my afghan, I need to be sure that she will be able to get certified.

        Also, all the time I have been to an obedience trial where there are day of trial entries, they also did allow you to withdraw your entries if you cancelled before the trial started ,and refunded your entry fee, but this is not the case with this club.   I pre- entered, and withdrew my entry 2 days before the trial, but was told I was not going to get the entry fee refunded.  I'm not going to argue with this, but was wondering if  this typical, for if this is so I would not pre-enter anymore in the future if I'm actually goign to be interested in doing AKC coursing again.





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