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    Hello all, If you don’t see this on another group that you frequent, please feel free to or ward this message. t is with great pleasure that I announce that
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      Hello all,
      If you don’t see this on another group that you frequent, please feel free to
      or ward this message.
      t is with great pleasure that I announce that several new updates have been
      dded to the web site for the 2011 National Narrow Gauge Convention,
      The one that many of you will be talking about is our greatly expanded
      ctivities pages. Clicking that one link will give you a choice of three pages.
      hese pages were meticulously created after the request was made for a list of
      hat there was to do on the East Coast for the train fan. Months were spent
      ontacting organizations and getting information, or working out a special deal
      or Convention attendees.
      he first page will show you a map of the East Coast of the USA, from
      ennsylvania to Florida. Sprinkled on that map are letters for locations. These
      re a total of 26 places, from the East Broad Top to Disney World, where you can
      o and ride a train, see trains on exhibit, or learn about trains. The criteria
      o be on this list was that the spot had to have something that would interest
      nyone interested in narrow gauge, steam engines, passenger trains, or railroad
      aper. These include operating tourist railroads, railroad museums, and railroad
      ollections at museums and archives.
      he second map is another list of over 20 locations in the North Carolina and
      icinity area, showing where the good train locations are in the general area of
      he Convention, as well as where special convention activities are located in
      elation to Hickory. General areas for some of the driving tours that will be
      vailable during the Convention are listed as well.
      es, there is a third map. This one is of the general area in Hickory, with a
      hort list of sites right around the Convention Center that will be of interest
      o people who have a couple of hours to kill during the days of the Convention
      ll in all, there are over 50 locations available that the Convention Committee
      hink might be of interest to those who are coming to the Convention early, plan
      o take the long way home afterward, or will want to visit while in the area.
      hile the Convention is predominantly a modeling convention, we know that most
      ho attend the event also love steam trains, and riding trains through beautiful
      ountryside. The East Coast of the US and the Appalachian Mountain chain offer a
      ot of train riding opportunities, definitely more than will be available at the
      ext few Narrow Gauge Conventions. We’re sure you can find a trip that will suit
      our tastes.
      hile on the subject of Prototype train opportunities, I want to point out a
      ouple more special deals available to people attending the Convention. Look for
      he links to the Strasburg Railroad, the Great Smokey Mountains Railway, and the
      ennessee Valley Railroad Museum. These locations are offering a special deal of
      ome sort to Convention Attendees. So if you want to go by and visit RGS No. 20
      ndergoing restoration, or see former ET&WNC standard gauge No. 207 (Sou 630)
      ack in steam at TVRM, or ride in First Class comfort through the mountains on
      he GSMR, look at the pages, and act accordingly.
      e’re not ignoring the modelers either. We just activated links on five more
      ome layout pages, and more will be added in the next few days. A total of 30+
      ome layouts will be on the tour, in scales running from Nn3 to 7 ½” live steam.
      efinitely something for everyone.
      handful of tables are still available, spaced all around the room. If you know
      r are a manufacturer who would like to come but have not registered, please
      eel free to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate everyone, even at
      his late date, though when the tables are gone, they are gone.
      he third hotel is almost full. We will then activate reservations at a fourth
      otel. Once that hotel is announced, if you have already made a reservation at
      hat hotel, you will be allowed to call back and receive the Convention discount
      or your room.
      aperwork is coming in for more modular layouts. We will get those links
      ctivated as quickly as our now exhausted web master can work them in.
      inally, we are working to arrange discounts with some of the late night
      estaurants in the area around the hotels. For the first time in many years, you
      ill be able to choose from several places to eat after the festivities end each
      ight, not just the one eatery in front of the hotel. Coupons will be in your
      imetable, giving you yet another reason to carry it with you everywhere you go.
      By all means, hop on over to our website, www.narrowgauge2011.com and see what
      ll is new there.
      ohnny Graybeal
      011 NNGC Host Committee

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