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Timberline Mine document added to my web site

  • Tom Troughton
    Oct 4, 2013 Expand Messages
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      Hello Everyone,

      As promised, I've uploaded a large document to my
      www.troughtonmodelworks.com web site that features the construction of my
      Timberline Mine complex. It was featured in the February and March 2013
      issues of Railroad Model Craftsman, and through permission from the editors,
      I have included a much larger document than what appeared in their magazine.
      There are over 200 images that document the scratchbuilding process. I hope
      you enjoy what you see.

      The document can be found at the bottom of the railroadhome web page at:
      http://www.troughtonmodelworks.com/railroadhome.html . Just click on the
      picture and you'll be directed to it. Since the document was created on a
      wide format monitor, the images were sized to allow both photos in each row
      to fill most of the screen. The photos are of a decent resolution to make it
      easy to see the details.

      Also, if you haven't signed the Guestbook before, I hope you'll take a
      minute to do so this visit. Please list your city, state or country. There's
      no need to get too specific, it would be nice to know where people are

      Thanks again,

      Tom Troughton