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8470Re: [NWNG-Sn3Group] Saturday

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  • John McKenzie
    Nov 3, 2010
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      Hi Steve, I've been itching to come up, I don't know Kevin's plans except to say
      he's been hoping I could come up with him when he comes next.  I"ve drawn him a
      track plan in scale that works well in his garage. It allows for a 2% ruling
      grade over half the layout and a nice yard with a mining area and logging area.
      I"ve got my Gunnison to Crested Butte drawn up as of tonight. About the only
      thing I'm not impressed with is it's a lot of "flat" land! For a Colorado Narrow
      gaugers that just doesn't sit well.;-) But I like the plan it's got running
      What are you going to do at Jimmy's? Any thing I can help with? Hey did you get
      the pictures I sent of the new motorized tree making machine?  I just got mine
      today from Mike. The one I sent pictures of is a proto type of 32 inches mine is
      48" it's nifty ;-)

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      John McKenzie. Are you and Kevin coming up this weekend?

      I'll be up at Jim Booths all day saturday if you're not going to
      make it.
      -Steve Hatch
      Ukiah CA

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