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814Re: [NWNG-Sn3Group] Corrugated metal siding.

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  • Frederic Testard
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Hello to all. A long time without a message, due to lots of
      work (and a little time spent to scratchbuild a turntable
      designed after the Laws one, but built on a steep hill with
      a lot of trestle work : an idea inspired by a superb model
      of my good fellow Alexander Zelkin. In fact, the real
      motivation for launching such a project was when he
      suggested that I might not have enough experience to do it
      by myself... But more on it later, when things come to a

      Only when I read Clarck Womack's message did I realize that
      ESM must stand for Evergreen. Indeed, I used this material
      to model the roofing of a small shed on my logging diorama.
      It's easy to work with, it takes paint (Polly Scale first,
      then some oil paint for weathering), and can easily be
      detailed with Grandt's NBW. I did cut it into realistically
      sized parts (at least, what I consider a realistic size,
      must have been 3 x 4 scale feet for my roof). I think that
      the shadows resulting naturally from this could be painful
      to imitate with painting, and that the realistic way may
      save time instead of waste it. (In fact, this tends to be my
      opinion for many scratchbuilding works...)

      Hope this helps

      Regards from windy France, with a new ship sunk not far from
      our coast

      Frederic Testard
      La Rochelle France
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