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813Re: [NWNG-Sn3Group] Corrugated metal siding.

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  • George Clark Womack
    Nov 1, 2000
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      Fredric Testard, who lives in France, has used ESM styrene corrugated
      roofing. I have some photos of his work which I use as wallpaper on my
      Fredric's roofs (rooves?) look very good.

      Maybe you should contact him to see how he does it.

      His e-mail address is: fredric.testard@...

      If you want I will e-mail the photos to you so you can see how good it
      Clark Womack

      Jim Brown wrote:
      > Hi guys - am contemplating doing a structure clad with
      > (prototype) corrugated metal siding. Was thinking
      > I might try it with ESM styrene sheet (vs.individual
      > pieces of foil) and was wondering if anyone else
      > has used this product yet. The structure will be
      > in a semi-background location, so it will not be
      > subject to the 'inches from the face' scrutiny -
      > not that ANY of my structures could withstand
      > that! <G>
      > Was thinking maybe a *very* light scribe to
      > simulate the joints, and then perhaps painting a
      > fine "shadow line" when doing the final finishing -
      > any thoughts??
      > - jim
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