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3267Re: [ADMIN] NWNG-Library..."adieu".

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  • rslawrence2
    May 1, 2003
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      I also say "Thanks" Jim for all of your hard work in getting the
      photos restored!

      -Bob Lawrence

      --- In NWNG-Sn3Group@yahoogroups.com, Jim Brown <jimb@b...> wrote:
      > Hi guys - just a quick note to let you know that I'm going
      > to 'kill' the NWNG-Library satellite group, as its
      > original purpose to provide additional file storage
      > has effectively been compromised with the recent
      > changes to Yahoo's file referencing system.
      > I have moved all the items that were there - with
      > the exception of a folder titled "DCRY Bridge"
      > that was posted by dcry007@a... <mailto:dcry007@a...>
      > - over to
      > some personal web space and recoded the links
      > on the main NWNG-Sn3Group site accordingly.
      > I have taken the "DCRY Bridge" pictures and moved
      > them to a new album in the Photos section of
      > NWNG-Sn3Group so you will find them there.
      > Best regards.
      > - jim
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