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  • Bob Webber
    Jan 2, 2000
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      While out and about today, I picked up something you might find
      interesting. The manufacturer is Lemax - the makers of one series of those
      Christmas Villages (the ones that Bachman made their 2-6-0 On30 for).

      The item is a 6-7" Dry tree. It represents a deciduous tree in winter.
      Basically, it looks like wire wrapped in some paper or coated somehow. 4
      main branches, and then a bunch of finer ones as you go up the tree. The
      trunk is a kind of light grey. It would work as an aspen, my thoughts were
      to use them as the basis for trees, using some foam or other material for
      the leaves.

      The things are considered Christmas acc., so they are from 50% to 70% off
      (retail for around $1.99 at full price) - so you can afford a few of them.
      I got mine at a local Frank's stored (I'm not sure of their coverage).

      While there, check out the plaster buildings. While most are not to any
      scale, or are too big, too cartoonish, etc. some would make fine background
      buildings - again, the plaster buildings were 50% off, so for $2.50, I got
      a building to put in the background (perhaps surrounded by new trees).

      Also, they have lights (clear) that can be used to light structures,
      evergreen bottle brush trees (that can be modified), bushes, etc. The
      figures won't work at all, but some other detail sets will - like the nice
      street lamps that are made for that size stuff. Check it out...

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