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Re: Dragon Age After 3 Playthroughs

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  • Jen Magson
    I don t know if you are still reading but I wanted to tell you that I finally finished the game about two weeks ago. I had a mad rush to finish it because I
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      I don't know if you are still reading but I wanted to tell you that I
      finally finished the game about two weeks ago. I had a mad rush to finish
      it because I bought the expansion. I do that a lot with games - play for a
      bit, put it aside, come back later. I think I enjoyed it a lot overall -
      certainly the best game this year - and the expansion is also fun so far.

      Did I think the ending was rushed? Well, I certainly rushed it. It pissed
      me off a bit that I was unable to return to Redcliffe once the Landsmeet was
      over because the final sequence got triggered if I did. I still had a
      couple of quests to finish and needed to visit someone there (/whinge). I
      did think the ending was too easy though plot-wise the battle in Denerim
      made sense and a reasonably satisfying final confrontation. By the end, I
      was one-shotting hurlocks and genlocks with a single spell and the
      area-effect spells I had would wipe out groups of minions easily. Guzzled
      dozens of lyrium potions though - surprised she doesn't have lyrium
      poisoning. I think I was playing on hardcore (I usually do though it might
      have been normal setting since I'd not played this particular game before).
      I liked the moment in the final battle where you got to play with your B
      team. I took Alistair, Oghren and Morrigan up the tower at the end so it
      was good to see Wynne (who I left in charge), my dog (oookums darling),
      Shale and Zevran one last time. Leliana I didn't see then but I had hardly
      played her, except for concluding her quest which actually made her more
      interesting. If they'd laid off the shoes and the cutsie manner and
      concentrated more on a charming woman with a dark past, she would have been
      a far more successful character. I think I liked Shale and Oghren best in
      the end, simply for the humour, though Zevran turned out well too. I think
      I must be getting too old for the romance lark. To my surprise, we took
      down the archdemon in one attempt - not too hard if you managed the
      situation with discipline. I only used one lot of allies too (Redcliffe
      soldiers) and only then because I couldn't get past the battle bottleneck
      when you go through the final area change to the tower (there are a couple
      of magic-wielding darkspawn and some dragonlings and a bunch of footsoldier
      darkspawn - just too many to manage at once and much harder than the final
      battle on top of the tower). That also was the third of four dragons I've
      killed in game now and it's all getting a bit samey to be honest as far as
      boss creatures are concerned. I even had time during the final battle to
      heal the Arl of Redcliffe a number of times. The brood mother was much
      scarier, revolting and harder to deal with. I didn't do, with her, what
      most of the strategists suggest at that point (didn't read the boards till
      after). I just kept zapping her with the cone of cold spell and getting the
      others to pile on the pain. Worked well enough. I have discovered, with
      the expansion, the joys of having two mages in the party - two people with
      cone of cold makes for a deadly party though two people with grease and
      fireball, respectively, is also pretty hilarious - that statement would
      never have been made in a straight D&D game.

      You said you had trouble triggering the conversations (of which there were
      lots and lots) - there are set trigger points around and all you have to do
      is run over them for a conversation to start up. Some are in areas you only
      visit once or twice but some are in the residential areas/towns you visit a
      lot. There's one outside the proving grounds in Orzammar and I confess I
      spent extended interludes running back and forth across the bridge just to
      hear my companions bitching on one another. Best characters for this were
      Oghren, Zevran, Shale and, surprisingly, the dog - he managed to make
      Alistair look dim on several occasions. Not hard I know but Alistair's
      pretty cute when getting outwitted by a dog.

      Did you get the expansion? I don't know how far through I am - probably
      about half way but somehow the pace is faster and it's pretty exciting so
      far. There are new NPCs and an intriguing new baddie who I have only
      glimpsed so far and some vicious talking darkspawn. It's not supposed to be
      as long and expansive as the original story but it is an expansion. I'm
      hoping Bioware have plans for two or more further ones. There are a lot of
      places in this world they could tell stories about and the game engine and
      story-telling is pretty good. Though I'm not so sure now I should have
      given Anders that kitten. Nathaniel is shaping up to be the intense
      conflicted one and I like Sigrun though it's impossible to take her anywhere
      with Oghren in the party.

      Best wishes

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      > 2b. Re: Dragon Age After 3 Playthroughs
      > Posted by: "Maid Of Many Names" MaidOfManyNames@...
      > fractured_flower1
      > Date: Tue Dec 22, 2009 5:14 pm ((PST))
      > Interesting - I've still not finished my first playthrough though I am
      > pretty far on now. I just have Flemeth to clear up and then go to
      > Landsmeet
      > which, as I understand it, is basically the start of the last act.
      > ****I will be very interested to hear your opinion about the last act. I
      > felt it was a little rushed and that the final battles were a bit of a
      > disappointment. I felt that the high dragon and Broodmother more
      > difficult than the Archdemon. The grunts... well that was just pointless.
      > Mind you, I only played on Normal and I hear it can be different depending
      > on the difficulty level.
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