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Robert Carter (CMI) Church/school talk in September?

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Hello fellow creationists, Robert Carter from Creation Ministries International will be in Washington in September (15th - 18th) and is seeking speaking
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      Hello fellow creationists,

      Robert Carter from Creation Ministries International will be in Washington in September (15th - 18th) and is seeking speaking engagements during this period. If you would like to have him speak at your Church on Wednesday the 17th, or at your Christian school one of these days, contact Erin Hughes at CMI (e.hughes@...) and cc me.

      As we continue to develop the Apologetics Symposium (http://nwcreation.net/symposium/) and bring in out-of-town speakers like Robert Carter, we would very much like to have them give presentations at one or more Christian schools while in the area. I have been favoring Cedar Park for this purpose (as I am a teacher there), but we want to better develop our Christian school contacts and work to serve them on a regular basis with creation programs (MS/HS largely). If making contacts and organizing these Christian school programs is something you would like to purse, please let me know. There would be no cost to the school and these kids desperately need the answers that we can provide.

      Robert Carter

      Robert W. Carter
      Robert W. Carter is head Speaker/Scientist for Creation Ministries International--USA in Atlanta,Georgia.
      He became a Christian early in his life, enabling him to take his belief in creationism to another level in his freshman year of college. He was then able to learn about defending his faith. He taught as a teacher in high school biologychemistryphysics and electronics. He ended up being the Head Coach of the Darlington Swimming and Diving Team, and head of “Adventure Darlington” summer school high adventure program. He went to the University of Miami to obtain his Ph.D. in Marine Biology. He also studied the Caribbean corals and invertebrates. His project was on “Cnidarian Fluorescent Proteins.” He successfully cloned green and red fluorescent proteins from hard and soft corals. It took him about 500 scuba trips in order to do all his research.[1][2] His children are also taking part in learning about creation in human genetics.
      Held at the opera house on 2007, November 27th, he had a great debate with Rick Pierson that 590 people attended, although Carter never intended debating with anyone in the beginning of his studies. Carter brought up a stumping question to Pierson that left him speechless, stopping him in mid sentence. The debate will be coming out on DVD soon. [3]
      On 2009, Feb. 12, is the celebration of Charles Darwin's 200th year birthday. On that, CMI-Canadian and Canadian churches are coming together to find a way to better equip citizens about the lies behind Darwin's theory. Robert Carter as one of the speakers are hoping to give Christians the knowledge and boldness to uphold scripture and use it for Christ's purpose.[4] Dr. Robert Carter has furthered his ministry by being involved in magazine and journal organisations, and is on their accredited speaker team.[5]

      Dr Robert W. Carter
      Creation Ministries International (United States)
      Mailing Address: P.O. Box 350, Powder Springs, GA 30127
      Phone: (800) 6161-CMI (from within the U.S.) or 1 (770) 439-9130 (from outside the U.S.)
      Fax: 1 (770) 439-9784
      Email: CMI Contact Form
      Website: http://creation.com/dr-robert-carter

      Chris Ashcraft
      Christopher Wayne Ashcraft M.S, M.Ed., MTMS.
      Science Educator and Bible Apologist
      Cedar Park Christian Schools
      Northwest Creation Network
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