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Friday, June 27 - Apologetics Forum Meeting: Answering The New Atheists

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  • Heinz Lycklama
    Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County *The _AFSC_ website is found at apologeticsforum.org * ... The _*Apologetics Forum of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2014

    Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County

                     The AFSC website is found at apologeticsforum.org

    The Apologetics Forum of SnohomishCounty (AFSC)
    will hold its next meeting on Friday, June 27th at 7:00 PM
    at the Atonement Free Lutheran Church,
    6905 172nd St. NE, Arlington, WA.

    Dr.Heinz Lycklama, co-founder of the Apologetics Forum
    of Snohomish County (AFSC), will speak on the topic
    "Answering The New Atheists." A description of the lecture
    provided on the AFSC website
    at http://apologeticsforum.org.
    [Flyer and BulletinInsert attached to this email.]

    We are providing exhibits, books and DVD's at the meeting. The lecture
    is followed by refreshments and time to visit the exhibits. At this meeting
    we will have:
        1. Selected books and DVD's for sale at CAPS table.
        2. Copies of Ray Comfort's DVD on "Noah and the Last Days" for sale.
        3. Copies of Ray Comfort's DVD on "Evolution vs. God" for sale.
        4. Copies of Ray Comfort's DVD on "180 Degree Turn" for sale.
        5. Copies of Ray Comfort's DVD on "Why Christianity?" for sale.
        6. Selected books and DVD's from Saints Alive for sale.
        7. DanGreenup's new book "Generation Why?" for sale.
        8. Various CMI Booklets for sale.
        9. Information on a Lending Library.
        10. Signup sheets for Mt.St. Helens Tour and DryFalls Tour this summer.

    Here are some ways that you can help us get the word out about
    the AFSC meeting on Friday, June 27th:
        1. Post the EventFlyer in the church/school foyer.
        2. Include an entry like this in Coming Events section of bulletin,
            newsletter and/or organization website:
                    June 27th - Lecture on "Answering The New Atheists"
                    by Dr. Heinz Lycklama, co-founder of the Apologetics
                    Forum of Snohomish County (AFSC), at the next AFSC
                    meeting at Atonement Free Lutheran Church at 7:00 PM.
                    Details at http://apologeticsforum.org.
       3. Include the BulletinInsert in the church bulletin on Sunday,
            June 22nd.
        4. Send this email notice out on appropriate church/school email
            distribution lists.
        5. Make announcement about the next AFSC  meeting at your
            school and/or from the pulpit on Sunday,
    June 22nd. You
            can also use the attached JPG file on the projector.
        6. If this email was forwarded to you, send an email to heinz@...
            and ask him to put you on the direct AFSC mailing list.
        7. Forward this email to others with an interest in Apologetics.

        1. You will find that the AFSC website contains some significant updates
            since last month. We are in the process of updating the website
            using Wordpress. If you have some Wordpress skills we could use
            your help in adding content to the new Wordpress-based website.
        2. There is a Survey Form AFSC-Survey.docx on the AFSC website
            that you can use to provide input/feedback to AFSC.
        3. Check the AFSC website for ways to GetInvolved.
        4. AFSC meetings are FREE. However, we do provide an opportunity
            to participate in a free will offering to cover expenses.
        5. AFSC will be promoting two Creation Tours (one day each) this
            summer on July 12 and August 9. One is to Mt. St. Helens
            and the other is to Dry Falls. Check AFSC website for details.

    See you at the AFSC meeting on Friday, the 27th of June.

    Helping Equip Believers in The Defense of The Faith,

    Heinz Lycklama
    Office: 360-403-7445
    Cell:   425-501-5075
    Email: heinz@...
    Heinz's Messages:  http://osta.com/messages
    Apologetics Forum: http://apologeticsforum.org
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