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Science Adventure Tours field trip last call

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  • Mark Finkbeiner
    Science Adventure Tours is doing another field trip the 21 st of June. This will be a hike on one of the last free flowing places along the Columbia River, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2014
      Science Adventure Tours is doing another field trip the 21st of June. 
      This will be a hike on one of the last free flowing places along the Columbia River, the world famous Hanford Reach White Bluffs.
      The subsequent White Bluffs component of the formation contains even more fossils, including 27 species of mammals alone. Among the fauna found are rodents, lizards, frogs, turtles, fish, rabbits, bears, canids, cats, ground sloths, peccaries, deer, mastodons, camels, horses and zebras. http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Hanford_Reach/Geology/Paleontology.html
      This tour will be in reference to the Missoula Flood, the ice age and universal flood and post flood geology.
      Things that you will learn:
      1) Rock identification
      2) Rock layers
      3) Fossils of this area including petrified wood
      4) History of the area
      5) Land slides
      6) Bergmounds
      7) Erratics
      8) Burlingame Canyon
      Things to bring and remember
      1)  Water lots of water!!!
      2) Sunglasses, light colored and loose fitting clothing, comfortable hiking shoes, baseball cap or wide   brim hat
      3) Food
      4) Binocular (not taking binoculars on this trip would be like not taking your gun on a hunting trip!!!)
      5) Camera
      6) Ensure that your car is in good running condition
      Who can come?
      Anyone who is in good physical health; the hike itself is not difficult but the heat can be intense possibly in the 90s. There is no shade and no potable water.
      Children 17 and younger have to be accompanied by a legal guardian. It is highly recommended that children under 9 years of age not to attend this field trip.
      Where to meet and time?
      Saturday, June 21, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.
      Temple Baptist Church parking lot
      4555 Arena Rd., Richland, WA
      From the church, we will caravan approximately 60 miles to GPS Coordinates N46.67713, W119.44462 where trail head begins at Stop No.1 where people can use the outhouse before going on the hike. This is also a historical site for a ferry crossing and cabin back in the mid 1800s. 
      The hike will last approximately 3 hours.  Elevation gain 400-700 feet in 3 miles.
      Individuals $20.00
      Family $35.00
      If you pay the day of the Trip it is $10.00 extra     
      No Refunds after the 14th of June 2014
      Please make checks payable to: Science Adventure Tours
      Please mail checks to:
      Mark Finkbeiner
      5500 Oleander Dr.
      West Richland, WA
      Websites to view with information about this field trip.
      Contact information:
      Mark Finkbeiner
      (509) 967-1811
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