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CAPS Meeting: Fri. Jan. 10, 7 pm, Tom Hoyle "Adam Versus the Apeman"

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  • John Johnson
    Our CAPS web link  http://caps.nwcreation.net It has all the info below plus links to past speaker s videos & articles by our speakers. (Details at the end
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2013
      Our CAPS web link
      It has all the info below plus links to past speaker's videos & articles
      by our speakers. (Details at the end of this message)

      Tom Hoyle is a local but dynamic Creation speaker with
      colorful slides and artifacts of interest to youth as well, 
      and deserves our support. He has spoken hundreds of times
      just to local churches, and is usually booked Sundays a year
      in advance. He is a member of CAPS of long standing.
      We recommend him highly.
      -John Johnson

      Creation Association of Puget Sound (CAPS)
      Fri. Jan. 10, 2014 at 7 pm
      At the Geology Learning Center in
      The Expedition Christian Church
      23601 52nd Ave. W, Mountlake Terrace
      Topic: "Adam Versus the Apeman" 
      (6:30 refreshments & tour of the Geology Center )
      Tom Hoyle will present "Adam Versus the Apeman" on Jan. 10, 2014.  
      It will be family friendly and consist of a live and colorful digital presentation, Plus a demonstration utilizing a dozen human, "caveman," "apeman," and ape skulls.  (Some of them are real.)
      Tom has spoken to CAPS many times over the past 25 years.
      He did a presentation for the Seattle Creation Conference
      His web site is at http://hoyle.nwcreation.net/
      Tom Hoyle has a PhD in Christian Apologetics from California Graduate School of Theology, and is a full colonel in the United States Air Force Reserves.  Dr. Hoyle is the founder of the Bible and Science Ministries which is headquartered in Tacoma , WA , and has been actively involved in creation science missions for over 20 years.
      He has spoken over 3400 times in almost 500 churches, schools, home schools, and conferences in 47 states and countries, and also broadcasts often via Christian radio and television.
      Dr. Hoyle is committed to the absolute authority of God's Word, and to the crucial truth of Biblical creation. Consequently, his ministry is endorsed by numerous pastors, teachers, scientists, and laymen.
      Audio files of his talks are at
      For info on CAPS see: http://caps.nwcreation.net/
      Tom Hoyle: Planet of the Apes audio (13 min)


      Don't miss reliving the 2013 Archeology

      Conference talk videos at

      Watch the November 2013 Biblical Archaeology Conference videos.

      Please forward and invite your friends.

      -John Johnson
      President, CAPS

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