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Update - Seattle Creation Conference (this weekend)

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Friday night and Saturday May 31 - June 1, 2013 The 2013 Seattle Creation Conference is now upon us. Please forward this email to friends and family, and pray
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2013
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      Friday night and Saturday
      May 31 - June 1, 2013

      The 2013 Seattle Creation Conference is now upon us. Please forward this email to friends and family, and pray that the creation message presented this weekend will reach those whose faith is being challenged by naturalistic science. The conference is produced for Bible believers who are concerned about the impact of secular science on people of faith. The seminars are suitable for ages 11 and up, and there will be no children's program or nursery care provided at this event.

      Lunch options will be provided by Woodin Valley Baptist Church at a cost of $8 (see below). Patrons should also consider bringing a platter of snacks (cookies, crackers, fruit, donuts, etc.) for guests during the breaks.

      Woodin Valley Baptist Church
      5400 228th Street S.E.
       Bothell, WA 98021
      Phone: 206-465-1635

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      The Seattle Creation Conference provides an annual venue for educational seminars that support Biblical worldview, and features four speakers (scientists and apologists) that are dedicated to glorifying God through scientific studies of His creation. The purpose of the event is to strengthen faith against the false teachings of naturalistic science, and encourage the Church to trust in the Bible as authoritative on early Earth history.
      More than 300 creation resource titles are available at the Seattle Creation Conference
      Friday, May 31st
      6:30 DOORS OPEN
      7:00 Jonathan Sarfati – Science or ‘Spin’? Real Science Supports the Bible!
      8:10 Spike Psarris – Our Young Universe
      9:20 Star Gazing with Spike Psarris and Mark Osterhaus (weather permitting)
      Saturday, June 1st
      8:30 DOORS OPEN
      9:00 Chris Ashcraft – Genesis: Fables or Foundation of Our Faith?
      10:10 Jerry Bergman – Mutations & Darwinism (Awaiting exact title)
      11:20 Spike Psarris – The Big Bang Never Happened
      12:20 LUNCH
      1:10 Jonathan Sarfati - The Christian Roots of Science
      2:20 Chris Ashcraft – Fossils: History in Contention
      3:30 Jerry Bergman – Slaughter of the Dissidents
      4:30 CLOSE
      During breaks, guests are encouraged to browse the creation resources offered for sale at the conference. A large assortment of books, DVDs, and curriculum will be made available for continuing education in Biblical apologetics.

      Sunday, June 2nd Sermons by Sarfati and Bergman
      Sun. June 2, 11 am (only) Jerry Bergman sermon title " Darwin - the Door to Atheism"
      Woodin Valley Baptist (same location as conference)
      5400 228th St SE   Bothell , WA 98021
      (425) 481-1075
      Sun, June 2, 8:30 & 11 am, Jonathan Sarfati will give a sermon on “Design, Deluge and Dilemma”, and at 10 am (SS starts at 9:45) Jonathan Sarfati will speak on “Is Genesis a Literal History”
      Atonement Free Lutheran Church
      6905 172nd St., Arlington WA
      Event Flyer: http://www.osta.com/events/JS_Atonement_June02_2013.pdf
      Sun. June 2, 6 pm, Jerry Bergman will talk on “Hitler and Darwinism: How Darwinism was the Major Fuel for the Holocaust”
      First Bapist Church Arlington
      426 North French Avenue, Arlington, WA
      Church: 360-435-3040
      Event Flyer: http://www.osta.com/events/Bergman-FBCA.pdf
      June 2, 6 pm, Jonathan Sarfati will speak on “Design Deluge and Dilemma
      Living Word Community Church,
      4079 Tolt Ave.
      Carnation WA

      Lunch Options

      The following lunch options are being provided by Woodin Valley Baptist Church.

      Food Creation Conf.jpg

      Past Videos

      Scc website screen.jpg
      Videos from past conference seminars may be downloaded free of charge. DVDs are also available for purchase online and at the conference.

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