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FIGI seminar: DRAGONFLIES: Masterpiece of Design

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    Foundations in Genesis of Idaho and Oregon presents DRAGONFLIES: Masterpiece of Design by Steve Hayley Join us as we examine one of God’s amazing creatures-
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      Foundations in Genesis of Idaho and Oregon
      DRAGONFLIES: Masterpiece of Design

      by Steve Hayley

      Join us as we examine one of God’s amazing creatures- the dragonfly. We will study these incredible animals in some detail, specifically noting their unique history, life cycle, and anatomy and physiology. Additionally, we will discuss techniques for “catch-and-release” study of these elegantly designed creatures using simple equipment and a digital camera.

      As with the study of any of God’s creation, the closer we look and the more carefully we analyze what we see, the more evident the hand of the Creator becomes. We will attempt to demonstrate how words like: beauty, design, order purpose, complexity and variety are really very accurate descriptions of creation, while worlds like: random, chance, blind processes operating by means of mutational mistakes and undirected mechanisms become more and more illogical.

      Ultimately, our hope is that you will enjoy applying what we learn today to your own observation and study of God’s creation! (Job 12:7-8)

      Steve graduated from Oregon State University in 1969 with a B.S. in Wildlife Management. After some work in that field, he returned to be certified as a public school teacher in secondary science and math as well as receiving an M.S. in Outdoor Education from Southern Oregon College (1975). Following his coursework at Multnomah School of the Bible (one-year grad course) Steve spent most of the next 31 years in Christian School education. He retired from Damascus Christian School in 2009. Steve and his wife Dolly have 4 children and 6 grandchildren and currently reside in Gresham, Oregon. Steve’s passion is to communicate Gods’ Truth concerning a Biblical Worldview in the area of creation evidences, presuppositional truth and how these relate to the first 11 Chapters of the Book of Genesis.


      Wednesday, Oct 24 at 7 PM at First Baptist Church, 126 South Hayes, Emmett, Idaho. Call (208) 365-4457 for more information.

      Thursday, Oct 25 at 7 PM at Heritage Bible Church, 7071 W. Emerald, Boise, Idaho. From 1-84, take the Franklin Exit, turn right on W. Franklin,left on N. Cole, right on W. Emerald, watch
      for the church sign at ground level on the right, and then turn into parking lot. The church sets at the back of the large parking lot. Call (208) 375-9592 for more information.

      Friday, Oct 26 at 7 PM at Treasure Valley Baptist Church, 386 N. Verde Drive, Ontario, Oregon. Go west on Idaho Avenue past the High and Elementary Schools, turn right on Verde Drive, travel several blocks to the north, and the church is on the right. Call (208) 642-9207 for more information.


      AGES 5-12: A Children’s Creation Seminar accompanies each adult seminar in Boise and Ontario. Our Children’s Seminars present the same topic and information offered in the adult seminars and include: an interactive mini-lecture combined with demonstrations, songs, experiments, games, activities and snacks that all reinforce the topic. Critical thinking skills are encouraged. We have a grand time exploring theories learning about biology, geology, chemistry, studying fossils and more. Please register 10 days prior to each seminar.

      Pre-registration assists us in our planning. Late registrations are accepted. Contact Kathy at
      (208) 642-9207 or email Harrishome3@...for more information or to register.

      Please download, print, and distribute the flyer contained in these files:
      Dragonflies front, Dragonflies back

      ENJOY OUR FELLOWSHIP TIME.Please bring finger foods to share with everyone during our fellowship time after the Boise and Ontario meetings.

      A free will offering will be taken at the seminars.


      October 24, 25, and 26: "DRAGONFLIES: Masterpiece of Design" presented by Steve Haley

      December 5, 6, and 7: "Unveiling the Mysteries of Peru" by Dr. Dennis Swift


      FIGI Logo
      Foundations In Genesis of Idaho/Oregon, also known as ‘FIGI’ (pronounced fig-ee), is a local science organization that hosts Adult and Children's science seminars and geological field adventures. By bringing in scientists who are experts in their fields, FIGI Seminars and Field Adventures offer fascinating information and cutting edge evidence which encourages critical thinking and an understanding of factual science which are key in what worldview (biblical or evolutionary) a person chooses.

      Here are some important verses from the Bible about creation:

      "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." from The Holy Bible, Genesis 1:1

      "For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible..." Colossians 1:16

      "For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them..." Exodus 20:11

      What does science tell us about the scriptures above? Did everything evolve millions of years ago from a big bang or are we living on a relatively young earth created by God?

      Please join us. Our seminars are lay people friendly and are offered at no charge. Our geological field adventures consist of local one day trips and camping expeditions and costs are minimal. Check out our website for a history of our past seminars and Field Adventures and for upcoming events.

      Boise Contact and Field Adventures: Brent Carter, phone (208) 375-9592
      or email

      Ontario contact and Children's Program: Kathy Harris, phone (208) 642-9207
      or email

      To comment or ask questions, please e-mail: infofigi@...
      Our Post Office address is FIGI, Box 3933, Nampa, ID 83653

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