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Mount St. Helens Fieldtrip - Aug 3rd-4th 2012

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  • Chris Ashcraft
          Mount St. Helens32 Year Anniversary Fieldtrip Friday August 3rd 2012 Conference Room Shilo Inns and Suites Hotel – Portland Airport 11707 NE Airport
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      NW Creation News
      Mount St. Helens
      32 Year Anniversary Fieldtrip
      Friday August 3rd 2012
      Conference Room Shilo Inns and Suites Hotel – Portland Airport
      11707 NE Airport Way, Portland OR
      Seminar Registration starts at 6:00 PM
      6:30pm - Learning From Catastrophe – Mount St. Helens After 32 Years
      Dr. Steve Austin has spent a lifetime studying the Grand Canyon and geological formations. He is on the cutting edge of research providing the scientific community with geological evidence for Noah’s flood; redefining the way rock layers formed and how coal formed. Dr. Austin teaches geology courses at Cedarville University, Cedarville, Ohio. He was for many years, Senior Research Scientist at the Institute for Creation Research now in Dallas, Texas. He holds a B.S. degree from University of Washington, and a Ph.D. degree in geology from Penn State University. Steve’s most recent Creation projects are a complete update of the Mt St Helens Geology video in HD (filmed last summer in 2011). Steve is currently working on an update in HD of The Grand Canyon video and a new one on Geology in Yellowstone. Dr. Steve Austin will Point out the significance of the geological changes we see from the eruption of Mount St. Helens through the new geological features that have formed over the last 32 years
      7:30pm - Catastrophic Biological Recovery – After 32 Years
      Dr. Keith Swenson teaches science courses at Multnomah University. Holds a B.S. degree in zoology and M.D. degree from Washington University Dr. Keith Swenson will explain the amazing biological recovery that occurred after the May 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens
      Mt St Helens Hikes - Saturday August 4th 2012
      Preregistration Required
      Dr. Steve Austin will be our geologist for two permitted hiking tours on the Northwest side of Mt St Helens. There are two hikes, one moderate (up to 7 miles) and one aggressive (9 miles). Both hikes start on the same trail into the “Blast Zone.” Hike #1 is called the Spirit Lake Overlook and is a moderate to difficult level hike. Hike #2 is called The Little Grand Canyon Hike. It continues Off-Trail for approximately two more very aggressive miles down to the Toutle River. The first station is in the parking lot by the trail head - “check in” and “final check out.” The first hiking leg is fairly easy traversing to Johnston Ridge Overlook. There will be a Station Tour Guide at each station to explain the unique geological features and why they should effect your viewpoint. The next leg takes you along a path next to a steep slope to “Devil’s Elbow.” The third leg begins with a traverse and then a decent down to the Spirit Lake Overlook. This is the end of Hike #1. The forth leg is an Off-Trail traverse over the giant landslide deposit to the Little-Grand Canyon Overlook and entry point, the fifth leg – long uphill hike back to the parking lot for our accountability “Check Out.” This is an overall elevation change of approximately 1500 feet. There is no trail to the Little Grand Canyon and this requires a special Off-Trail permit from the National Forest Service. Few people ever have the opportunity to see this new and pristine geological feature in person in their lifetime. Come see this unique formation. Only 48 will be allowed off-trail on this permit this year. First come - First served.
      Additional Info: Call Marshall Almarode: (509) 5825627
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