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CAPS Meeting, Sun. 12/17, 3 pm, Bellevue - "The Great Debate" Video - John MacKay vs John Polkinghorne

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  • John Johnson
    The December CAPS meeting will be at the Bellevue Church of Christ, http://www.bellevuechurchofchrist.org/location/direction Sun. afternoon, Dec. 17: 3:00 pm
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      The December CAPS meeting will be at the
      Bellevue Church of Christ,

      Sun. afternoon, Dec. 17:
      3:00 pm for refreshments and book & video tables.
      At 3:30 we will show "The Great Debate" DVD video with

      John MacKay (Australian Creationist geologist)
      vs John Polkinghorne, (British physicist, professor,
      Anglican theologian, a theistic evolutionist
      who sees no problem with men evolving from apes).
      I will have some extra copies to sell or loan.
      Site for John Polkinhorne's interviews and papers
      Site for Biography of John Mackay
      Summary of Debate video:
      people filled the Liverpool Cathedral to hear
      Cambridge University physicist and Canon Theological
      for the Cathedral, Dr John Polkinghorne, debate
      Australian and International Director of Creation
      Research, John Mackay. The topic: “Is evolution
      compatible with the Christian faith?"

      As the UK’s leading theistic evolutionist, Dr John
      Polkinghorne started the debate with his claim that
      the universe had evolved over the past 14 billion
      years. Mackay quickly produced a copy of a 1990
      lecture by Polkinghorne, where he had stated the
      universe had evolved over 15 billion years. It was fun
      to watch the audience react to Mackay’s claim that
      evolution must be so wonderful it has enabled John
      Polkinghorne to become 15 years older while the
      universe became one billion years younger, and then
      use it to emphasis the point that these vast billions
      of years are not facts that disprove a literal reading
      of the scriptures, but men’s feeble theories, which
      are constantly evolving while the scriptures in
      Genesis remain firm.

      “THE UK CHURCHMAN” NEWSPAPER reporting the Liverpool
      Debate stated: "The controversial issue of origins was
      given a theological airing in the cloistered confines
      of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, on March 8th 2005.
      The distinguished Australian Creation Scientist John
      Mackay was, in my humble opinion, far away ahead in
      his creation views against the resident Anglican
      theologian, Canon John Polkinghorne, KBE. It was a
      great educational debate but in my view Mackay's
      Biblical answers left the canon (and he reminded me
      very much of Captain Mainwaring of Dad's Army)
      spluttering in his hastily assembled answers.” (from
      Liverpool Canon Debates Creation Scientist in
      Cathedral by G. Patrick Battell Paper No 7568, 18
      March 05)

      Hosted by popular BBC Commentator Roger Phillips, this
      exciting debate was filmed professionally. This is one
      DVD you don’t want to miss. Since faith in Theistic
      Evolution over billions of years is one of the biggest
      problems in evangelical churches throughout the world,
      your church needs to see it as well!

      John N. Johnson

      Any questions? Get answers on any topic at www.Answers.yahoo.com. Try it now.
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