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Marshall Almaroda talk on "Evolution as a Cult" SAT. Nov. 18, 1 pm, Bellevue Church of Christ

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  • John Johnson
    Marshall Almaroda will talk on Evolution as a Cult SAT. Nov. 18 at 1 - 3 pm. See his bio at the end at Bellevue Church of Christ We have refreshments and
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      Marshall Almaroda will talk on "Evolution as a Cult"
      SAT. Nov. 18 at 1 - 3 pm. See his bio at the end
      at Bellevue Church of Christ
      We have refreshments and book table at 1 pm.
      His talk would start at 1:30 for 90 minutes (including

      Location: http://www.bellevuechurchofchrist.org/
      Note this works with the following televised
      football games: Washington vs. WSU at 3:45 pm, Cal
      Berkeley vs USC at 5 pm, UCLA vs. Arizona State at
      7:15 pm.
      Marshall Almaroda Biography

      Marshall was raised in Kennewick in a Masonic family.
      He was raised in a local church, accepted Jesus as
      savior after sixth grade but Freemasonry and the
      teachings of his church caused him to be confused
      about the gospel. In 1983, his best friend at work
      challenged him to become a Mormon. Realizing that he
      didn’t have a good answer for Mormons, he started to
      research Mormonism, and felt the need to meet the
      experts on both sides. After two years of
      frustration, wanting to learn and gain experience,
      Marshall decided to travel to Utah on a short-term
      mission to witness to Mormons. This was so impacting
      that he has gone every year since 1985. He has
      participated in approximately twenty rescues in which
      young people were rescued from the Mormon Church.
      In the fall of 1987 he first heard for the very first
      time, evidence for Creation from Dr. Donald Chittick
      in three lectures. He was astounded that he had never
      heard any of this information before. He was
      surprised at the similarities of false religions and
      evolution. He started attending Creation seminars and
      events, floated down the Grand Canyon with ICR and has
      sponsored a Back to Genesis Seminar. His ministry,
      Search and Rescue Ministries, has sponsored a fair
      booth witnessing to those lost in false religions at
      the Benton County fair for nineteen years. In just
      over twenty-three years, Marshall has attended seventy
      conferences, on Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses,
      Creation / Evolution, Roman Catholicism, Freemasonry,
      New Age, Seventh-Day Adventism. He has provided
      training for many high school and college aged youth
      groups and has helped many Christians learn how to be
      a better witness to the lost. God has been gracious
      to give Marshall, answers for those lost in false
      religions. Marshall is married to Sherry, they have a
      son and a daughter who are now married with kids and
      two married foster kids. Marshall works at the
      Hanford Nuclear Reservation in the radiation
      protection field.

      Marshall will share basic definitions of the word
      “Cult” and will expose the similarities between false
      religions (many of them called “cults”) and evolution
      that he has discovered. He will also reveal, who the
      God of the evolutionists is and what their plan of
      salvation is. All this will have a focus of being
      useful and practical in field witnessing (co-workers,
      neighbors, relatives, strangers).

      John N. Johnson
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