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Getting Involved with Creation Science

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Looking for other ways to become more involved in creation science education or missions: 1) Creation Discussion: This email list is a NW Creation News-Only
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2005
      Looking for other ways to become more involved in creation science education or missions:
      1) Creation Discussion: This email list is a NW Creation News-Only email list. If you are interested in participating in a creationist email discussion group consider joining CreationTalk where there are approximately 150 members. Many of the CreationTalk participants are scientists that are knowledgdable of creation science and good at answering questions. All CreationTalk members are Biblical creationists.
      2) Creation Encyclopedia Development: The CreationWiki is a community-built encyclopedia of creation science similar to Wikipedia. It was started last summer by an international team of creationists and is hosted by the Northwest Creation Network. Any creationists may participate by contributing knowledge or research toward its development.
      3) Public Access Television: We are moving toward producind a live public access TV show, and need technically-minded people who live in King County to get involved. The first step is to signup for the next orientation class at the SCAN studio located in N Seattle. This class will provide the information necessary to judge whether volunteering for this project is right for you.
      Public Access TV
      4) Seattle Creation Conference: We've already mentioned the needs related to the upcoming conference; which include prayers, providing your Church with promotional material from our website, or serving hospitality duties at the conference.
      Seattle Creation Conference
      5) Attend the CAPS monthly meetings: Held at 6PM on the Second Sunday of each month at the Coal Creek Chapel in Bellevue: The meetings feature regular speakers and videos. This Sunday CAPS will show the video: Evolution - Fact or Belief?
      CAPS Monthly Meetings

      Christopher W. Ashcraft
      Northwest Creation Network
      Northwest Creation Network 


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