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CAPS July 2002 Canyons Field trip to Mt St Helens

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  • loreninelson
    Hello to all Hikers, This is the information you will need for the final CAPS Summer Field Trip. Read it over carefully, make your decision and send in your
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      Hello to all Hikers,
      This is the information you will need for the final CAPS
      Summer Field Trip. Read it over carefully, make your decision and
      send in your Registration form ASAP. CAPS is limited to 15 hikers.
      Maps & possible car-pooling will come later.
      Nelson, CAPS Hike Coordinator

      S a t u r d ay - J u l y 27, 2 0 0 2

      Mount St Helens — Loowit/Step Canyons

      WHAT? Design Science Association and Creation Association of Puget
      will conduct a field trip to Loowit/Step Canyons on the north flank
      of Mount St Helens.
      Excellent evidences of geologic catastrophism and biologic recovery
      will be viewed. We have Excellent Hike Leaders in Dr. Keith Swenson,
      Rev. Lloyd Anderson and Mr. Steve Hayley

      WHEN? -- Saturday, July 27, 2002.

      WHERE? -- Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument.

      WHO? Any interested person is welcome. Excellent physical fitness is
      required (minimum age 14). The hike is about 11 miles (round trip)
      over the Pumice Plain. The last 2 miles is continuously uphill at a
      moderate grade.

      MEET: We will plan to meet at Windy Ridge on the NE side of the Mt
      St Helens Crater between 10 - 10:30 am. This means we must leave
      Seattle before 6:30 am. We will drive to Windy Ridge via I-5 to
      exit 68, thence East on US Hwy 12 thru Morton & Randle to Forest
      Service road #25 then turn Rt. & go South to FS #99 thence on FS 99
      to Windy Ridge on the East side of Spirit Lake and the MSH Crater
      (Approx. 180 mi. from Seattle, figure 4 hr. travel time). The hike
      should be about 4 hrs. We return to Seattle about 9:00 pm

      BRING: Daypack, sack lunch, canteen, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat,
      compact plastic emergency rain coat. Optional: binoculars, camera,
      notebook & pencil. Plan to "layer" clothing appropriate for
      in unpredictable weather. Contact lenses are not advised, because of
      blowing ash. Also, bring motion sickness medicine if winding roads
      bother you. We will eat supper at a restaurant on the way home.

      FEE: CAPS has a Registration Fee of $10 for Adults / $5 for ages 14-
      20. Mount St. Helens Nat. Volcanic Monument requires that each
      vehicle display a Northwest Forest pass ($5, one day), available at
      REI Stores, Mountaineers Club and Metzger Maps in the Seattle Area.
      Those with Monument Passports can get the NW forest pass for ½

      Registration Form:
      Mt. St. Helens Loowit/Step Canyons Field Trip ~ July 27, 2002

      Registration Form: You must have your own Medical Insurance for
      yourself & dependents.
      Read & Sign: Creation Association of Puget Sound Release From

      I understand that hiking is a sport that has many dangers and
      inherent risks. The risks I may expose myself to by participating
      include, but are not limited to, becoming lost, hypothermia, over-
      exertion, rock and other falling objects, and by injury by falling
      or others falling.

      I fully understand that it is my responsibility to become
      knowledgeable, stay constantly alert for dangers to myself and
      others, know at all times my location with regard to others and my
      route, be in communication with others and faithfully understand and
      follow the directions of the leaders and help others to follow these

      I understand that each person, including leaders, can only judge
      their own immediate environment and that hiking conditions are
      constantly changing and may contain many disguised or hidden dangers.

      For my permission to participate, I personally accept all risks,
      whether known to me or not, and hereby, for myself, my family, my
      heirs and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and
      claims for damages I may have against the Creation Association of
      Puget Sound, their officers, agents or representatives, because of
      any injuries suffered by me while on a Creation Association of Puget
      Sound tour, or traveling to or from the same.

      In case of accident, illness or other incapacity. I understand that
      I pay my own medical and/or evacuation expenses, whether or not
      authorized by me.

      I certify that I have read and understand the above. (All Adults in
      your Party must Read & Sign)
      1. Name: __________________________ Signature:
      ____________________________ Date: _____________
      2. Name: __________________________ Signature:
      ____________________________ Date: _____________
      3. Name: __________________________ Signature:
      ____________________________ Date: _____________
      4. Name: __________________________ Signature:
      ____________________________ Date: _____________
      5. Name: __________________________ Signature:
      ____________________________ Date: _____________
      Name(s) of Children: (Min. Age 14)
      Total # in your party: ______
      Address: ___________________________________ City:
      ______________________ Zip: _______________
      Phone: ______________________ E-mail: _________________________
      Vehicle: Car:______ Van:_______
      Willing to take Passengers? _____ How Many? ________ Interested in
      Carpooling from Seattle? ___________

      Registration Fee: $10 per Adult / $5 Youth ages 14-20 (Make Checks
      Payable to CAPS)

      Print and Mail the Completed Form To: Loren Nelson7328 19th Ave.
      NE.Seattle, WA 98115nelson1589@...
      (Or call Loren at 206-522-1589 for questions)
      Find us (CAPS) on the web: http://caps.nwcreation.net/
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