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912FIGI's April 'Astounding' WONDERS OF THE CELL - April 23, 24 & 25 with Chris Ashcraft

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    Apr 8, 2014
    APRIL  2014  EVENT

    Foundations In Genesis of Idaho/Oregon

    Seminars, Children's Programs & Workshops featuring Local, National & International Speakers
    Local, National & International Field Adventures
    PDF  Bulletin Insert/Half Flyer & Full Poster Attached

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    Cell biology has revealed a microscopic world operating at a level of
    technological sophistication far beyond anything devised by man.
    previously invisible aspect of the creation offers unmistakable evidence of intelligent design through innumerable examples of irreducible &  specified complexity. Inside each & every organism reside bio-mechanical systems & molecular machines that Darwin & his contemporaries could never have imagined. Even today, much of what is happening inside cells is still not understood and yet evolutionists hold fast that these remarkable constructs developed without God.
    These two contrasting views of the cell provide poignant illustration of how worldviews impact our interpretation of physical evidence. This presentation discusses the cell as it relates to these opposing views &  describes some of these important cellular features which offer testimony to the glory of the Creator.

    Free Admission
    Ages: Jr. High Youth - Adult ~ Church/School Groups Welcome
    WONDERS OF THE CELL Kids Program Ages 5-12
    Available at Boise & Ontario locations - R.S.V.P
    EMMETT    Wednesday     April  23rd    7:00 PM
    First Baptist Church 126 S. Hayes      Contact: 208-365-4457

     BOISE    THURSDAY     April  24th    7:00 PM  
    Heritage Bible Church  7071  W. Emerald       Contact:   208-375-9592
    From 1-84, take the Franklin Exit, right on W. Franklin, left on N. Cole, right on W. Emerald, watch for the small church sign at ground level on the right, and then turn into parking lot. The church is at the back of the large parking lot.

    ONTARIO    FRIDAY    April 25th     7:00 PM
    Treasure Valley Baptist Church 386 N. Verde Drive    Contact:  208-642-9207
    Go West on Idaho Avenue past high school & elementary school, turn right on Verde Drive, several blocks, church is on the right
    From Boise 1-84 West, take OR-201 Exit 374 (Weiser/Vale), right on OR-201, left N. Verde Drive, church on the left
    From Baker City 1-84 East, OR-201 Exit 374 (Ontario/Vale), right OR-201, take 3rd left N. Verde, church on the left
    Please bring a snack to share at our fellowship time following the seminar.

    Schedule Chris Ashcraft to speak for a School Group, Study Group, Breakfast, Luncheon
    Dates Available: April 23 - April 26   Contact 208-642-9207 or  208-375-9592

    Chris Ashcraft is a Christian educator, creation scientist, and speaker currently teaching high school Biology, Chemistry, Human Anatomy/ Physiology & Life Sciences at Cedar Park Christian Schools . Chris has worked as a  research technician, specialized in plant tissue culture, and genetic transformation technology. He served as a research technician at the Cotton Fiber Production Laboratory at Texas Tech University,  provided technical support at the Plant Transformation Facility at Oklahoma State
    University & and worked as a  Plant Transformation Specialist for EDEN Bioscience. Chris has  a Bachelor of Science in biology from Wayland Baptist University, a Master of Science in biology from Texas Tech University,  a Master of Education from the University of Washington &  a Master in Teaching Math/Science from Seattle Pacific University in 2012. Chris moved from research science into the teaching profession to serve God in Christian education. His decision was motivated by the impact that
    secular science is having on people of faith. Today, close to 50% of Christian students lose their belief in God while attending secular schools. This could be lessened if the Church was better equipped to defend the authority of Biblical teachings (1 Peter 3:15). It is important that Churches provide regular educational programs on creation and other Bible apologetics. Chris is the organizer of the monthly Apologetics Symposium at Cedar Park Christian Church &  the annual Seattle Creation Conference. He also speaks regularly at churches, Christian schools, teacher conventions, and creation organizations. He is the founder of the Northwest Creation Network ministry and the CreationWiki internet encyclopedia where he serves as senior administrator.


    Intern & Volunteer Opportunities

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    Saturday  May 3  
       8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    Nampa Christian School
    11920 W. Flamingo Ave  Nampa Idaho  83651   

    infofigi@...    208-642-9207

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    Are you curious about Creation? Are you someone with an area of expertise to share? Maybe you are someone who is curious about what opportunities are available and would like to learn. For the young and for the wise, high school - adult, this exciting tour is an introduction, orientation & workshop that will include:
    • A brief presentation highlighting the beginning of FIGI in 1997, it's speakers, childrens programs, DVD's/Media, field adventures, workshops, displays & more
    • Hands-on mini-workshops providing an opportunity to experience FIGI & the area's of opportunity as team intern and/or a team volunteer
    • A Geological Field Adventure with Brent Carter from 1 - 5 PM
    IT, Web Design, Social Media, Field Trips, Photography, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Secretarial, Childrens Programs, Presentation Assistants ( greeters etc) & More!

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    Intern and/or Volunteer Time Commitment: Flexible         High School - Adult 
    Internships provide valuable experience, referrals & add to your resume

    There is no charge for this event ~ RSVP Requested
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    June 22 - 28   Brent Carter/John Herganrather  208-375-9592

    Sept. 24-26  Mr. Alan Wymore        

               October 29-31  Mr. Brent Carter            

    Hells Canyon Field Adventure To Be Announced


    Check us out on FACEBOOK


    Foundations In Genesis of Idaho/Oregon, also known as ‘FIGI’ (pronounced fig-ee), is a local science organization that hosts Adult and Children's science seminars and geological field adventures. By bringing in scientists who are experts in their fields, FIGI Seminars and Field Adventures offer fascinating information and cutting edge evidence which encourages critical thinking and an understanding of factual science which are key in what worldview (biblical or evolutionary) a person chooses. 

    Here are some important verses from the Bible about creation:

    "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." from The Holy Bible, Genesis 1:1

    "For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on earth, visible and invisible..." Colossians 1:16

    "For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them..."  Exodus 20:11

    What does science tell us about the scriptures above? Did everything evolve millions of years ago from a big bang or are we living on a relatively young earth created by God?

    Please join us. Our seminars are lay people friendly and are offered at no charge. Our geological field adventures consist of local one day trips and camping expeditions and costs are minimal. Check out our website for a history of our past seminars and Field Adventures and for upcoming events.

    Boise Contact:
    e-mail Boise@... or call Brent Carter at (208) 375-9592
    Field Adventure contact: e-mail Adventure@... or call Brent Carter at (208) 375-9592
    Ontario contact: e-mail Ontario@... or call Kathy Harris at (208) 642-9207
    Children program contact: e-mail Children@... or call Kathy Harris at (208) 642-9207
    To comment or ask questions, please e-mail: 
    Our Post Office address is FIGI/O, Box 3933, Nampa, ID  83653

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