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911CAPS talks: Fri. Apr. 11, 7 pm, Heinz Lycklama & Fri. May 9, 7 pm, Chris Ashcraft, in Bellevue

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  • John Johnson
    Apr 6, 2014
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      CAPS Meeting, Fri. April 11, 7 pm, Heinz Lycklama
      talks on Answering the New Atheists
      at Bellevue Church of Christ 10419 SE 11th St., Bellevue
      Note: the same new location as in March (same as last year)
      6:30 Refreshments and book table discussions
      7:00 pm Talk by Dr. Heinz Lycklama: Answering the New Atheists
      Description: We have seen the publication of some bestselling books over the last ten years by some very aggressive atheists. The include The God Delusion, God is not Great, and Letters to a Christian Nation. The four most popular atheist writers (Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett).. Our speaker Dr. Heinz Lycklama* will address some of their more popular claims, such as:
      1. Faith is blind
      2. Atheism is not a religion
      3. Science has disproven God
      4. There is no scientific evidence for God
      5. Religion poisons everything
      6. Evil and suffering disprove God
      7. Morality does not come from God
      8. Belief in Miracles is a superstition
       Many books have been written by Christian writers refuting the claims made by these atheist writers, such as: Gunning for God by John Lennox, The Atheist Delusion by Phil Fernandez, and Letter from a Christian Nation by Douglas Wilson are some of the more popular responses to the assertions of the new atheists. Dr. Lycklama will examine the claims made by the new atheists, and respond to them one by one. He will conclude that the atheists have become much more aggressive, but offer no new evidence for their belief system. Theism offers a more rational answer than atheism.
      Bio: Heinz Lycklama earned a Bachelors degree in Engineering Physics and a Ph.D. in experimental Nuclear Physics from McMaster University in Canada. Since then he has worked in the telecommunication and computer software industries.
        He was challenged in his Christian faith by what he was taught at university in the 1960s, so he later developed a series of lectures on this topic, and had presented this material in classes in the USA, and other venues in Europe and Asia, and North America.
      Lecture Videos
      Intelligent Design – one hour video by Heinz Lycklama
      At the Seattle Creation Conference 2006
      or High quality DVD copy can purchased at
      Talk on Icons of Evolution one hour video by Heinz Lycklama
      At the Seattle Creation Conference 2006
      or High quality DVD copy can purchased at

      CAPS Meeting Fri. May 9, 7 pm
      Chris Ashcraft will talk on Biology and creation (Title TBD);
      at Bellevue Church of Christ, Bellevue
      Chris Ashcraft is a Christian educator, creation scientist, and speaker
      John N. Johnson