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861Wonders of the West Gorge - fieldtrip (July 27th)

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  • Chris Ashcraft
    Jun 24, 2013

      NW Creation News

      Creation Encounters 

      Wonders of the West Gorge

      July 27, 2013
      With a few short hikes, this hands-on family outing will explore the creation evidence between Troutdale and Cascade Locks. Led by Steve Hayley, John Hergenrather, and the Pikes, we will take the Historic Highway to Eagle Creek studying the wonders of Gorge biology and geology along the way. Collect quartzites in the Troutdale Formation which have come from over 450 miles away. Examine petrified wood and charcoaled remains of some forty types of tropical/semi tropical plants and ponder their recent and catastrophic formation. Understand the worldview issues implicit in the interpretive signs for the huge petrified logs at Bonneville. Trip ends at Cascade Locks with the fascinating geological and historical evidence for the legendary Bridge of the Gods and other Oregon history.

      Meet at 8:30 am at Lewis & Clark State Park in Troutdale where we will caravan together to Cascade Locks where the trip ends at 2:00 pm. The cost is $25 per vehicle. Please register below and more details will be emailed before the trip. http://www.creationencounter.com/tours/

      Land of Fire, Ice, and Abundant Water

      August 4-8(+), 2013

      The vast Central Oregon High Desert is full of natural wonders that bring to light history from a biblical perspective. In the context of the biblical Ice Age and its waning years, certain scriptures make a lot of sense. Our friends from Foundations in Genesis, Idaho (FIGI) will be joining us on this year's camping adventure. Our guides will be geologist Brent Carter and Craig Marcus from FIGI, and Steve Hayley, John Hergenrather and Marianne Pike from Design Science Association (DSA). We will experience first hand the post-Flood volcanic environment which caused the Ice Age and the amazing paradise in Oregon which resulted from it. Post Flood Ice Age conditions illuminate certain scriptures and very well explain the many playas and ancient shorelines, the layers in the dry lake beds, abandoned Indian encampments, and remnant biological communities. Discover isolated plants in the Crack-in-the-Ground and in the mysterious Lost Forest. Climb 400 foot sand dunes made of volcanic ash and slide down the steep sides. Come and enjoy great fellowship and a very unique educational experience.


      We have reserved a beautiful mountain campsite at Paulina Lake for the nights of August 4,5,6 & 7. The official 5 day trip will be over August 8 at noon, but those who want to continue our adventure for a few more days can join us on an informal recon to discover Indian history and geologic events around the Paisley area. Those joining the recon on August 8-10 can share any extra expense on an informal basis. The suggested donation for the five day, four night trip is $185 per family. This includes four nights campground fees, all guiding and instruction, several educational handouts and an activity book for kids. Limited places are available for this camping adventure, so if interested please register below. http://www.creationencounter.com/tours/