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827DSA Meeting January 19th -- Lloyd Anderson ~ Mount Saint Helens: a Big Bang for Creation

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  • James Dunn
    Jan 9, 2013
      Saturday December 19th, 9:00AM to 11:30AM -- Lloyd Anderson: Mount Saint Helens: a Big Bang for Creation

      To view this month's Design Science Association Newsletter, click on http://www.pdxdsa.org/DSA_1_13.pdf .
      Check out DSA's website http://www.pdxdsa.org for additional events.

      The online DSA Newsletter is formatted in its native (to-be-printed) format--meaning two-pages up, wide, on "Legal size" (8.5 x 14) paper.

      If you'd like to print out the newsletter at full size and resolution, here's what to do:
      1.  Get a ream of Legal size (8.5 x 14) white paper.
      2.  Load the legal paper in your printer's tray (if tray is expandable), or hand feed.
      3.  Set up your "Page Setup" to wide or "landscape" view.
      4.  You may print on both sides of a legal size page.
      5.  Fold in half with front side showing, and you're done!

      Viewing on screen is an option, but the layout is set up for print. Therefore, on the screen, the front page appears to the right and page four is to the left of the front page.

      James Dunn