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Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Mystery photo

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    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 23, 2004
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      <<Tom, This is a very interesting photo.  It could>>
      <<possibly be the E & P.  I just looked in volume II of>>
      <<Myrick and the engine could have been used on the Ruby>>
      <<Hill Mill RR. The photos in Vol I does match the>>
      <<lettering on the gondola, but the as shown on page 97>>
      <<the lettering was on the frame. >>
      Mike and Tom,
      Bruce MacGregor sent me this the other night and the first thing I thought was, what engine could this be? I then started looking at the car. At first glance the car looked like one of the E&P's Hart gondolas. There is a problem, as Mike noted there is a similarity between the lettering on the coal car pictured on pg. 97 of Myrick vol. 1 but note that it is only lettered E&P as were all of lines cars that I have seen, not E&P RR. The line became the E&P Ry (Railway) in 1902 before the Hart cars or the ex -Tonopah RR, Hammond car shown in the photo in Myrick arrived. Before 1902 all the cars on the E&P were of Billmeyer and Smalls lineage and look nothing like the car in this e-bay item.
      Greg Maxwell
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