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70Re: [NVnarrowgauge] E & P Trestle

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  • mark bassett
    Jul 29, 2001
      Thanks for the photo's of the trestle and the pile driver. The trestle
      appears much the same today as it did in your 1990 photo's. If you could
      find the information on the Humboldt crossing I would appreciate it. The
      Humboldt is very low now at Palisade and some piles are visible. Also while
      on the subject of Palisade, what are the concrete walls/foundation from?
      Finally, on the pile driver picture you posted, what drove the pile driver?
      I'm assuming it would have been a small boiler and steam engine.
      Thanks for all of the information,

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      >Subject: Re: [NVnarrowgauge] E & P Trestle
      >Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 20:41:27 EDT
      >I uploaded four photos of the trestle. In early days this location was
      >referred to as Yago Canyon and was the scene of an Indian massacre in the
      >1860s. As you can see in the photos much of the fill at the north end of
      >trestle was washed away in a 1952 flood. The trestle across the Humbolt was
      >also a pile trestle. I have the length and number of bents somewhere in my
      >files if you want them.

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