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  • tphmike@yahoo.com
    Feb 24, 2001
      Hi all,

      Just joined and noticed that there hasn't been many posts lately.

      I am a native of Tonopah and interested in all Nevada rrding.

      My great grandfather, R.S. Titlow, was the Chief Auditor and then the
      Chief Engineer of the T & G. He was mentioned in Myrick as the one
      who died in Hawthorne.

      My father and his father worked for the SP out of Montello, NV on the
      Lucin Division. Dad quit in the late 40s and moved to Tonopah to work
      for his cousins the Cavanaugh Bros. They were also mentioned in
      Myrick as trying to purchase the T & G after abandonment.

      Have any of you been to the Tonopah Mining Museum??? Well worth it.
      In the next few years they are planning on installing a tourist rr
      around Oddie.

      I am also a model rrder and am building the T and G in N.

      Mike Lee, alias tphmike
      TandG in N
      La Marque, Tx ( just north of Galveston)
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