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357Re: [-spng-] SP ng Historical Society website

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  • Brian Norden
    Mar 11, 2012

      Dennis Burke says the SPngHS office has received a number of
      complementary messages through the website contact us page.

      One constant question is "Why don't you folks have more information
      up?" or "When are you going to get more information up?"

      The answer is that we do plan to get more information -- history,
      rosters, photos, reminisces, and the like -- up on the website. We had
      to start somewhere. As we make significant additions we'll make

      Anyone wishing to contribute is welcome to contact our office through
      the website.

      And thinking of contributions, we want to thank our web designer Andrew
      Brandon for making this happen. And Andrew, the third part of you
      compensation package is coming.

      Brian Norden

      On 3/9/2012 9:10 PM, Brian Norden wrote:
      > The Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge Historical Society announces its website.
      > The website is located at www.spnghs.org<http:%5C%5Cwww.spnghs.org>
      > On the site we have information about the Society, membership,
      > publications and events.
      > Brian Norden