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326Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Nevada Short Line motor car

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    Jun 4, 2010
      Hi Brian,
      It has been a while. I found an article in the Lovelock paper that was "exactly similar" to the one you have here. Thanks for passing it along.

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      We've been without messages for a while.  But, I just came upon a news item in the Reno Evening Gazette while looking for something else.

      From Page 12 of the Saturday January 16, 1915, issue of the Reno Evening Gazette:

      The new motor passenger car of the
      Nevada Short Line, intended for passenger
      and express service between
      Nenzel and Rochester, will be sent out
      over the Southern Pacific road on
      Wednesday, having successfully passed
      the test from Reno to Doyle on the
      Nevada - California - Oregon Railroad.
      It was made at the shops of the local
      railroad by Master Mechanic Bartoo
      of the Nevada Central, who built an
      exactly similar car for his line some
      time ago. The engine develops 60-
      horsepower and the car has three
      speeds. The try-out was thoroughly
      satisfactory and the car will now re-
      ceive its final coat of paint preparatory
      to shipment.
      I have a PDF version of the article.

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