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31Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Death Valley RR passenger cars

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  • bnorden
    Jul 26, 2000
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      I remembered that I had a copy of "Journal of the West" for January
      1992. The issue is devoted to railroad subjects and the cover has a
      painting of DV #2. I got it from Gordon Chappel who had done the
      article on the Death Valley.

      He writes: "[The DV started with] a dozen steel ore hopper cars, siz
      flats, two box cars, and a caboose, as well as the two leased Pacific
      Coast Boraz Company water cars, three wooden gondolas and another flat."

      Then later he continues: "The railroad added a second new
      locomotive...in 1916, a caboose newly built by the Seattle Car and
      Foundary company, a wooden, open-platform, clerestory-roofed coach of
      unkown orgin, and miscellaneous tank and flat cars to handle incoming
      and outgoing traffic."

      In this article Chappell mentions only one coach.

      Source material noted includes CRC reports and T&T material at the
      Huntington Library.
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