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309Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Re: Velocipedes (velocipedi?)

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  • Dave Eggleston
    Jan 4, 2008
      Ok, some corrections to my note.
      First, the Profile book is at NHS.
      Second, not a correction but a clarification. Some time after the NC closed down two sheds were moved away--the Bobtown shed to the park and the Watts shed to the ranch. The third one, found near Baileys if I recall correctly, is still sitting next to the ROW, or was in 1999.

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      No problem. I just thought you'd found a new source. You got me excited! I need to look at the 1898 Inventory when I get home and see what it says about a velocipede.
      The 1917 ICC valuation I've seen was at UNR.
      The Berlin boxcar is actually thought to be (and I support this) an ex-Stockton and Ione flat that an outside framed box body was applied to AND then cut in half in the early 20th century to make a tiny shed at Bobtown station. That one half remains at the park. You used to be able to make out the NC lettering. The car is remarkably narrow and poorly built! Only 4 sills and at best around 6 feet wide and 20 feet long. No wonder these quickly dropped out of service. The line had three of these along the line as sheds by around 1900--the one at Watts was moved to a ranch and ultimately burned about 25 years ago, the one at Berlin survives, and there's one that still sits on the ROW about 25 miles south of B.M. I knew it was there but finally hunted it down around 1999 and took a lot of pictures. The box body is gone but the flatcar sills and floor are mostly there. So that would be one other relic of interest to the museum if looking for an NC car (or remains thereof)--though one barely used and of a type never photographed (that I'm aware of). All three of these cars as sheds can be seen as additions in the Bridges NC profile book at UNR. The Watts car can also be seen in some of the photos of that station, at the north end of the cluster of buildings, identifiable with its outside framing.
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      From: Wendell Huffman <wendellhuffman@ hotmail.com>
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      Dave, I'd love to claim it as NC--but I can't and won't. There is
      just no evidence to support that. The valuation is in fact ICC 1917.
      The embarassment of the error is a consequence of posting from home
      away from the material! Some pages have "revised . . . June 16,
      1927" at the bottom, but not the page with the velocipede. This is a
      photo in NSRM file. I suspect it came from UNR. I need to go out to
      Berlin to see that boxcar!



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