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304Re: [NVnarrowgauge] Nevada Central rail

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  • Dave Eggleston
    Dec 6, 2007
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      This question has come up on other forums, such as norcalng or tocng, in the past. But yes, the NC got rail from the M&SV in 1879/80 (18 miles + sidings). The M&SV got it from mills in SF in 1874. Was orignally to be purchased from England. David Jacks had been sent to SF to set up the deal and in the midst of waiting Carlisle Abbott closed an alternate deal with at least one rolling mill in SF. This story was disclosed in the Monterey Democrat a few years later. May not be 100% accurate, but it's the best we've got.
      The NC got rail from other sources, including the Stockton & Ione and plenty of new rail (presumably). Over time they got some rail from the CP, including I believe some original 1868 rail. Later they had rail picked up used from the SP also. A real hodge-podge, much of it in rotten condition.
      There's an original, and quite lovely, NC surveryor's book from 1879 at NHS, perhaps drawn by Ledlie himself, that is annoted with notes from around 1915-1925 on rail weight but not rail origin. My information on origin comes from letter press books (UNR, CSRM, and NHS), Director's notes (NHS) and newspaper accounts. Much of the rail laid in 1879 remained to the end.
      I'm not sure how well that helps but I can delve into the M&SV information in far more detail if you'd like.
      Greg Maxwell would be the person to ask about the E&P.
      Dave Eggleston

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      Can't believe I failed to ask this question on this fourm:

      Do any of you know who manufactured the rail used on the Nevada
      Central? or the Eureka-Palisade? Some of the iron on the former line
      presumably came from the M&SV, but that still doesn't tell me who
      rolled it.

      I am confident I can answer that question from the valuation track
      report--and I hope I can find those at UNR. But, if someone already
      knows, so much the better.


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